Crawford-Spence II rematch is happening

Though it might not be as anticipated rematch as we thought prior to July 29th, it appears it is now a reality.

Terence Crawford's spectacular ninth-round knockout victory over Errol Spence Jr. not only established him as the premier welterweight post-Floyd Mayweather but also earned him the distinction of being the first male two-division undisputed world champion, securing the undisputed welterweight world championship.

According to Crawford's coach, Brian "BoMac" McIntyre, when speaking to Pro Boxing Fans, Brian "BoMac" McIntyre, he shared the juicy tidbit that the rematch will happen.

"[Crawford] just texted me yesterday and said that Spence activated his rematch," BoMac stated in a video interview with Pro Boxing Fans. "The rematch is confirmed but we don't have any date and stuff like that yet."

The political dynamics of the rematch have also changed In their first fight, Spence was considered the "A-side," enjoying certain promotional advantages due to his pay-per-view experience and possession of three of the four welterweight world titles, but in the rematch that will not be the case. One could say, the tables have turned, with Crawford's victory propelling him into the spotlight as the primary draw, which has been echoed by his whirlwind media tour. 

Crawford will be viewed as 'The A-Side', and now Spence will be looking to redeem himself and make his last performance look like a fluke.

Another big talking point is the weight class. Both fighters have hinted at moving up to junior middleweight. With Crawford holding all four world titles, if the bout were held at junior middleweight what would that mean for the welterweight division? As at least one title, if not all, would more than likely be vacated.