Crawford dismisses Lopez's calls for catchweight fight, believes Lopez was gifted verdict

Terence Crawford took to X to criticise Teofimo Lopez after the WBO super-lightweight champion edged his way to a unanimous decision win over Jamaine Ortiz at the Michelob ULTRA Arena in Las Vegas. 

The uneventful contest saw fans boo loudly as early as round two, drawing comparisons with Shakur Stevenson’s performance against Edwin De Los Santos in November. 

Despite the disgruntled fans, who were leaving the fight from round 10 according to ProBox TV’s Adam Noble-Forcey, Lopez won by margins of 117-111 and 115-113 (twice). 

Lopez, post-fight, called unified welterweight champion Terence Crawford for a catchweight fight.

“I am champion. I am king,” Lopez told ESPN. 

“Glory is next for me. None of these guys want to fight me. I’ll fight Crawford at a catchweight. I’m here. I’m ready.

“I’ve always been ready. I’m younger, prettier, and a two-time unified champion at 25.”

Crawford took to X to respond to Lopez’s comments while believing Lopez should have been handed the second defeat of his career.

“Talked all that shit about me and lost,” Crawford wrote. “Like I told him, focus on who you are fighting, not me.

“@TeofimoLopez back to the drawing board you go chump.”

Lopez defended his performance by saying his opponent didn’t want to engage. 

“How can I go after a fighter that doesn’t want to fight? Lopez protested. “Let’s be honest here, every time that he wanted to commit, he got hit and hurt.”

“None of these guys want to fight me, I’ll fight Crawford at a catchweight.”

“He got a gift and he know it,” countered Crawford on X. “That’s why he crying”.

“Catchweight what? This guy is crazy, but he knows what’s up, he just trying to use my name for promotion.”