Conor Benn feel's Eubank Jr is "Bang In Trouble" ahead of slated encounter against each other

Conor Benn has already started bigging up his chances ahead of his speculated September 23rd encounter with Chris Eubank Jr as the revelation that he is set to return against Eubank Jr broke over the weekend.

Eddie Hearn, who has promoted Benn for the whole length of his career so far, revealed that a deal had “pretty much” been agreed for Benn and Eubank Jr to finally face each other following last year’s October 8th fiasco, which ultimately Benn test positive for the substance clomifene. Benn’s positive drug failure came on October 5th, three days before the initially slated encounter and has seen Benn embroiled in issues with the British Board of Control and UKAD. Benn is currently subject to a provisional ban where he can not participate in any sport or event as UKAD follow the World Anti-Doping Agency’s rules, practices and punishment guidelines.

However, this has not prevented Hearn from revealing that a deal is all but done for September 23rd and that he would like to see the fight in the UK. If the fight can not be agreed to be held in the UK, likely, the fight will then be held in the Middle East, with Abu Dhabi being touted as the possible host.

Conor Benn told boxing social that he has confidence in his team and that the issues will be put to one side regarding the fight and will get over the line. Benn feels confident that he can achieve a positive result against Eubank Jr when the pair do finally get in the ring.

“I trust my team. They know what I’m happy with, they know the numbers I want and they’re able to negotiate on my behalf. And that’s all been agreed. The numbers have all been sorted.

“We’ve both agreed, we both want the fight. Until it’s all signed on the dotted line and we’re in that ring you can never be too sure.

“After watching him at 160 [in the Smith fight] he’ll be bang in trouble. Thank God the fight got called off. A fight’s a fight. I’m sparring super middles, light heavies in the gym. It don’t really concern me at all. You can only go off sparring. I’m sparring cruiserweights in Mexico. What I look at is, yeah, can I absorb the shot? Will I have to absorb the shots a lot more? Of course, I will. There’s nothing that he can do that I can’t handle.’