Chris Eubank Sr Aims To Withdraw Son From Conor Benn PPV Showdown

Former World Middleweight Champion, Personality, Reality TV Star and ultimately the father of Chris Eubank Jnr, Chris Sr, has sent shockwaves through British boxing by claiming that he has advised his son to withdraw from his upcoming PPV showdown with Conor Benn. The October 8th encounter is one of British Boxing's highly anticipated fights due to continuing rivalry between the Eubank and Benn families. Eubank Sr & father of Conor, Nigel, famously fought each other twice in the 90's due and gained traction to develop one of British boxing's most famous of rivalries. The contest which is still at the time of press going ahead is scheduled to take place at 157lbs, a catchweight, which sees Eubank Jnr come down from 160lbs and Conor Benn move up from his natural weight class of Welterweight (147lbs).

Eubank Sr's claims come after he expressed concern about the agreed weight insisting he cannot let it happen on his watch.

'If you have a child and someone's trying to actually take that child away from you, and do something wrong to that child, as a dad you wouldn't let them. That's all I'm doing,' Eubank said.

'I've given him my direction. If he doesn't want to follow it, he will be dragged along. But he will do what is right for him… he is coming down 1oz below 160lbs which cannot happen on my watch.'

Eubank Sr, whose son Sebastian died last year at the age of 29 of a heart attack, added: 'This is modern day 'gladiating', this is not a plaything for the audience. We have to be strict otherwise lives are put in danger and my son's life cannot be put in danger. I've already lost one. It can't happen again.'

Sr has also indicated that he will aim to take legal action to force the cancellation of his son's participation on safety grounds, however, a legal and binding contract has been agreed upon for some time and it is not believed that Eubank Sr is involved in any official management capacity on behalf of his son's boxing career. The co-promoter of the event, Kalle Sauerland of Wasserman Boxing, insists that the fight is still going ahead and that Chris Jnr is still in preparation for the October 8th contest scheduled to take place at the 02 Arena, London and broadcast on DAZN PPV.

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