Chris Eubank Jr vows to support trainer McIntyre following arrest

Chris Eubank Jr., on September 2nd, celebrated victory over Liam Smith and redeemed one of the blemishes on his professional record, securing a tenth-round stoppage. The victory also marked a successful link-up with trainer Brian ‘BoMac’ McIntyre, who handled Eubank Jr’s training and corner for the rematch with Smith.

However, following the victory, McIntyre was arrested as he prepared to depart the U.K. and return to the U.S. The celebrated trainer was arrested after airport security found a firearm with ammunition and without documentation. McIntyre was charged with the offences on September 4th and remanded in custody whilst ordered to appear in court in October.

Eubank Jr., when speaking to IFLTV, spoke of his surprise at hearing of McIntyre’s arrest whilst still trying to gain all the information and facts needed for him to process the situation.

“It’s still something that I am still learning about and still trying to understand. I can’t really make too much comment right now because there is a lot of legal stuff going on.”

Despite the arrest, Eubank Jr has vowed to support McIntyre and give him all the help he needs.

“But yeh nothing ever goes how you think it’s going to go when you’re looking at a Chris Eubank Jr fight, there are always things that happen that are mind-blowing and unexpected. We’ve just got to try and make sure we do everything we can to help him.”