Chris Eubank Jr Says Benn Fight Is No Longer 50-50 Split

Chris Eubank Jr. is talking up a bout with Conor Benn, even on the fight week of his U.K. pay-p-er-view clash, with Liam Smith, January 21st, that is available with a DAZN subscription in the United States. 

Eubank Jr.was set to face Conor Benn at London’s O2 Arena, when three days out the fight was canceled when Benn tested positive for Colifene, a substance on the performance-enhancing drug list. 

“Yeah, the fight is twice as big,” Eubank told The Guardian’s Donald McRae. “We would need a stadium with 60,000 instead of the O2. Does he deserve that kind of payday after being caught with illegal substances? Probably not. But it doesn’t mean I’m going to give up that payday.”

Eubank Jr, who is a favorite against the battle-tested veteran Liam Smith, who is making his second outing at the 160 lbs division after being a career 154 lbs fighter. 

“It’s not just about upholding the family legacy. I now actually don’t like this kid. He’s done wrong by me. So he’s lost all his privileges and bartering power. There are no weight clauses now. There are no rehydration limits. There are no 50% splits. Everything’s in my court now. I’m the only fight people want to see him in,” further Eubank Jr. “If you’re going to talk about setting an example to kids and the next generation of fighters then yes, absolutely I would say a ban [is required],” Benn said. “The selfish side of the coin, which is where I’m a fighter who wants to be in huge fights and get my hands on this kid for what he’s done, doesn’t want a ban.”

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