Chris Eubank Jnr Launches Verbal Attack On Conor Benn, Tells Him To Accept That He Is The Bad Guy

Chris Eubank Jr of whom is deep into his preparation for his upcoming all-British middleweight affair with former WBO world super-welterweight champion Liam Smith. The bout which takes place in Manchester on the 21st of January will feature ProBox’s own Roy Jones Jr of who is heading up the camp of Eubank Jr as the lead trainer, 

However it seems that Eubank Jr’s fury with and slating of former slated foe, Connor Benn, shows no sign of winding down with a recent instagram post by the former two time IBO world champion. The pair was scheduled to face eachother in October of last year but owing to a failed drugs test on behalf of Benn for clomifene, which is a fertility drug for women. However it has been proven that it can can be used to cover up signs of more dangerous substances. It was later revealed that Benn had tested positive for the same substance in the summer, something that neither Benn nor his promoter, Eddie Hearn of Matchroom Boxing, failed to disclose at the time of the initial revelations, thus giving the wrong impression to the public and the boxing community as a whole.

Conor Benn has since has his boxing licence suspended by the BBBofC however Benn did try to negate a suspension by the board by handing his licence back to the board of control. Ultimately it failed and the BBBofC suspended him anyway pending further investigations by the BBBofC, WBC, VADA and the UK anti-doping agency. 

Eubank Jr says that Benn is now the bad guy and he is going to have a bump and hostile public perception for the rest of his career. 

“You’re going to have to be the bad guy now”, Eubank said in a video posted on his Instagram. 

“You’re going to have to be what I was for 10 years. You’re gonna have to accept being booed into arenas. You’re gonna have to accept being trolled on a daily basis. You’re going to have to come to terms with that and embrace it.

“You’re still gonna make money. People are still gonna watch you fight. You’re just not gonna be the golden child that you were built up to be. And that’s OK. Not everybody can be the good guy. I learned that very early on in my career. So we’ll see. Will the fight happen at some point? It’s likely. A year, 10 years, from now, eventually we will fight. But the main thing is that you man up and you do the right thing. That’s all I can say.”

Eubank Jr also poured cold water on Benn’s claim that he is innocent this is if you consider the fact that Eubank Jr was not made aware of Benn’s previous failed test in July for the same substance. 

“No one gives a shit. Sorry. An apology is all that you need to give to the fans. Not even to me. I’ll be OK. The people that bought tickets, the people that travelled, the people that paid money, that you let down. They deserve an apology. Not ‘oh, I’m gonna prove my innocence after failing two drugs tests.’

“The only way that you could prove your innocence is if there’s some video out there of you being pinned down by multiple males and getting jabbed in the ass with some type of syringe while you’re kicking and screaming and crying, saying, ‘Stop it!’ That is the only thing that could get you out of this situation, get you off the hook. Nothing else is gonna cut it. Sorry.”