Chantelle Cameron: "I've always had huge respect for Taylor and that was one of my biggest fears"

Chantelle Cameron (18-0, 8KOs) upset the Irish public on Saturday night with a career-best performance and victory over women’s boxing biggest icon currently in the sport, Katie Taylor (22-1, 6KOs). Despite being an undisputed world champion in her own right (super-welterweight). Cameron successfully defeated Taylor, who holds all the marbles at lightweight, to claim a majority decision at the 3Arena, Dublin, to retain her WBC, WBA,WBO,IBF, IBO & Ring magazine titles at 140lbs

Before the main event, the common consensus was that it was effectively Taylor’s fight to lose, which was never the case; it is a boxing fight, and anything can happen. Prior to Cameron facing Taylor, Trainer Jamie Moore warned his charge “not to show any respect and tunnel vision at all times.” However, following the victory, Cameron showed the utmost respect to Taylor, who, even with defeat, remains one of the biggest names in the whole of boxing, alongside being an inspiration to many girls in Ireland and those girls seeking to progress no matter what level in the sport.

“Katie is a great fighter, a great ambassador for the sport and I always knew it was going to be a tough night. I’ve come to Dublin for her homecoming, everything was against me, everything was in favour of Katie but I showed what I’m about.”

Chantelle then responded to claims that she would struggle with the occasion and atmosphere surrounding her, which was all in favour of Taylor, who after all, was the returning hero and boxing for the first time as a professional in Ireland.

“I was buzzing off it (the crowd),” said Cameron.

“If you saw me this week I was cool, calm and collected. That’s the way I am. I’ve got my team around me and that’s all I need. All it was, was noise and that’s what I kept thinking: ‘It’s just noise’. As soon as the bell goes I did what I do every day in the gym.”

Chantelle proceeded to say that she won the fight due to her fitness which was telling in the fight, and refused to take a backward step at any point in the contest. Cameron also added that she wanted to make a point by targeting the body of Taylor, hoping to slow her down and make her engage in the fight, which Chantelle wanted.

“I’m always fit.

“I’m tough and I knew I had to work on the inside and do what I do every day in the gym. My team see it every day and they had faith in me. I heard rumours that Katie didn’t like bodyshots so I practised them.

“I’ve always had huge respect for Katie and that was one of my fears for tonight. Jamie kept saying to me: ‘No respect, no respect…’ To make sure I didn’t give her too much respect. I had to go in there and let all that go out the window because you can’t help but respect her because she’s a nice woman, a great athlete and what she’s done for women’s boxing unbelievable.”