Cesar Francis has announced he will move up to the welterweight division, after the previously world ranked New Yorker dropped a close majority decision to Jesus Saracho.

Francis was in control early, and had Saracho visibly shaken in the early rounds, however, Saracho pressed in the later stages of the fight, causing the fight to arguably swing in favor of the Mexican Saracho.

Francis opened up about the fight, "I felt it was close, and I felt I landed the cleaner work throughout, however, I should have taken this fight out of the judges hands and I didn't so I only have myself to blame."

"I want to thank ProBox TV for continuing to support me and standing by me. I know I should have been more active in the fight, and I'll learn from this and come back stronger."

"I'm not a bitter man, boxing is a gentleman's sport, so I want to congratulate Jesus Saracho. I wish him nothing but the best moving forward."

Francis now sets his sights on the welterweight division, with the Brooklyn bred stylist having previously dominated Jose Roman at 147 prior to moving down to 140-pounds to fight Mohamed Mimoune.

The Rainman discussed moving between 140 and 147-pounds, "Look, I can make 40, if the right fight happens at 40 I'm there everyday of the week. I just think I may be able to get more out of myself at 147, so we're going to find out.

"I've taken very little punishment as a pro, I'm still developing. The way I've been matched it's really unlikely that I wasn't going to have one bad night, I've taken real fights, I'm a real fighter, so I'm excited at taking real fights at 147."

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