Bruce Carrington: 'December 9, you guys are going to see something special'

Top Rank always maintains a solid crop of prospects, and they believe featherweight Bruce ‘Shu Shu’ Carrington (9-0, 5 KOs) has the potential to become something special. Saturday night, live on ESPN+, Carrington will face his toughest challenge yet as he attempts to earn his tenth victory in a bout against veteran Jason Sanchez (16-4, 9 KOs). The fight is scheduled for ten rounds, which will be a first for Carrington, but this type of fight will determine if he is ready for the next level in a division full of talent.

The 26-year-old Carrington isn’t your average prospect, as he is older than some of the fighters to be considered for Prospect of the Year. He has pushed the pedal on his career—Saturday’s fight being his fifth this year—but since he has only been a pro for a little over two years he is still a prospect by definition. Carrington is a mature fighter and carries himself as a seasoned veteran. When asked about what this year has meant to him, Carrington gave a heartfelt answer that will resonate with many people in and out of boxing:

“Activity & growth. Growth in the ring and outside of the ring. I’m just continuing my journey, getting closer to God, and finding new things with myself that I haven’t tackled through my whole life. With the fighting, I’ve been trying new things inside the gym to where [in] this next fight, you’re going to see some new stuff.”

“I got some quality rounds in with Kenny Simms (20-2-1, 7 KOs),” Carrington noted about sparring during training camp. “He’s like a big brother to me, and he’s helped me out a lot. He’s been pushing me extra hard.”

Carrington knows the boxing landscape and what a Prospect of the Year recognition could do for his career. Although he may not be well known to all fight fans, he continues to put on the type of performances that will get his name out there to the public. Carrington feels that this fight with Sanchez will bring him to a level where there won’t be any denying who he is as a fighter. Carrington told ProBoxTV, “Everyone is going to see that I’m really the one everyone has been waiting for in the boxing game. I have the right game plan and have worked really hard.”

Being on the same card as the main telecast following the Heisman Award Ceremony, plenty of eyes will be locked into his fight with Sanchez. “December 9, you guys are going to see something special,” promised Carrington.

With the new year quickly approaching, everyone will have time to reflect on what they accomplished this year and think about what they want to achieve next year. Carrington is no different, but he isn’t in a rush. Instead he had this to say: “I’m going to look at all of my accomplishments for 2023 and keep it at a steady pace for 2024. My mindset now is to continue this growth. If I continue on the path that I’m on now, I’ll get to where I need to be.”