Canelo Sees Golovkin As Same Fighter

Canelo Alvarez will face Gennadiy Golovkin this Saturday, September 17th, live on DAZN PPV, taking place at the T-Mobile Arena, in Las Vegas, Nevada.

The undisputed super middleweight champion, Canelo, though saw nothing new in Golovkin’s previous fight in which Golovkin stopped Ryota Murata in the ninth round to unify the middleweight division as he won the WBA middleweight title while defending his IBF title. Yet, most continue to harp on the fact that Golovkin seemingly got hurt in his last fight and took some time to get started in the fight. Canelo is saying not so fast.

“I think he got hit a lot because Murata don’t hit so hard,” Alvarez said during his media appearance to check into the MGM Grand on Tuesday. “That’s why he’s like, ‘OK.’ That’s what I think. I don’t know.”

A popular school of thought from some is that Golovkin will get stopped by Canelo Alvarez on Saturday. It seems Canelo wants to get all of the credit if this result happen because he sees this version of Golovkin as the same as the first fighter he faced back in 2017.

“He’s the same fighter. He’s strong. He takes punches. He hits hard. So, he’s the same fighter,” said Canelo.

The big thing is - access to the fighters is very limited, with Golovkin being extremely secretive. We have seen them arrive at MGM Grand on Tuesday, do a limited Q & A with media on Wednesday, and will see them make weight on Friday. No press conference, and now fight week media workout (though that isn’t common for pay-per-view level fights).

For such a big fight, it is strange to see how little we are seeing the two most compelling characters involved in this modern rivalry.