Canelo Respects Golovkin As A Fighter, Unsure If He Respects Him As A Man

Normally, a trilogy creates a bromance between two fighters that make the duo iconic for the tests of time. This is something that Canelo and Golovkin will not have I am fairly sure, as their third fight was the most enjoyable, and despite the bro-hug to end the fight - the hard feeling are still there.

“I respect him like as a fighter,” Canelo Alvarez stated after the fight. “As a person, I don’t know. But I’m not gonna put [it on] that level because I consider myself a good person. So, I say to him, ‘I’m glad to share the ring with you. And we give the people three good fights.’ So, and I’m glad to share the ring with him and have these three fights [that] is gonna be in the history of boxing.”

On the other hand, Golovkin feels he won all three fights including the third fight, and the promotion of the third fight which was more one-sided than ever geared towards Canelo, seemingly made Golovkin go more and more private.

“You know, I’m really happy that I managed to beat one of the best fighters in the world, Genady Golovkin. Perhaps in the future another fighter will come along who I’ll have a similar relationship with. You know, we had three great fights, and I respect him as a fighter,” said Canelo Alvarez, leaving out hope that two might sit down and have a special about their series of fights.

The hardest part of watching this trilogy was the conclusion was it felt underwhelming. Canelo will hold two wins over Golovkin in the record books, and be looked at as the generationally better fighter, because of it, but the fight is being touted by sportswriters like Bill Simmons as the “worst sporting event of 2022”. The window was missed on making this fight, but ego and vanity forced it upon us, as we got something we honestly didn’t need to see.

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