Canelo Next Fight Opponent Will Be David Benavidez in 2024

Confirmed by WBC the potential matchup between Canelo Alvarez vs David Benavidez in 2024. Following his November 25th bout, Benavidez, is set to become the mandatory challenger. This setup paves the way for an electrifying clash with Canelo Alvarez, who recently defended his four super middleweight titles with a decisive victory over Jermell Charlo. While the exact date remains under wraps, hints from boxing authorities suggest a possible showdown in either May or September 2024. This timeline would offer Benavidez ample time to prepare adequately for one of the most significant fights of his career.

Boxing Fans' Wishlist: Canelo vs. Benavidez Dream Match

Currently, speculation is rife about Alvarez's next opponent for May -mostly latest DAZN article on the topic- , with names like Jaime Munguia, Jermall Charlo, and Terence Crawford being tossed around. Benavidez, meanwhile, is tipped as a potential adversary for Alvarez in September. However, in a recent conversation with Fight Hub TV, Alvarez stated that no firm decisions about his 2024 fights have been made yet.

Alvarez remarked, "My usual fight dates are in May and September. I'll be discussing my next steps this Monday. As of now, no one's on the list. I've been focused on my businesses and spending time with my wife, so I'm unsure about the origins of these speculations."

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The possibility of Alvarez not facing Benavidez next year has led to some calls for him to relinquish his WBC belt, considering Benavidez's position as the mandatory challenger. Nonetheless, Alvarez didn't entirely dismiss the idea of a September fight with Benavidez, while also hinting that the match could be delayed

"Many things are said, but ultimately, I'm the one who calls the shots," Alvarez added. "We'll see what happens. I'm always looking to engage in great fights. Whether Benavidez is the right fight for September or if he has to wait a bit longer, time will tell. Sometimes, the anticipation makes for even bigger fights."

Canelo Next Fight: Is Canelo Fighting David Benavidez in 2024?

Mauricio Sulaiman, President of the WBC, emphasized the importance of this division and the need for meticulous planning to ensure a fair and just path to this high-profile match. With Alvarez currently taking a well-deserved break, the boxing community eagerly awaits further developments. Sulaiman's commitment to upholding the integrity of the sport and ensuring the best possible outcome for boxing fans worldwide adds an extra layer of excitement and legitimacy to what promises to be a historic encounter in the ring.

Canelo's Resurgence: Dominating Charlo and Looking Ahead

Canelo Alvarez, didn't just return to the boxing ring; he stamped his authority in style. Following a period where doubts loomed large due to some unconvincing performances, Alvarez laid all speculations to rest. He not only outclassed Jermell Charlo but also kept a firm grip on his undisputed super middleweight title.

This showdown was particularly notable as it represented the first face-off between male undisputed champions in the four-belt era. Although Charlo had to part ways with his WBO junior middleweight title earlier, the stakes remained sky-high. But as the fight unfolded, Alvarez's supremacy was evident, overshadowing Charlo's accolades.

After an intense 12-round duel, which saw Alvarez knock Charlo down, the final scores from the judges stood at 118-109, 118-109, and 119-108 — all favoring Alvarez.

With this decisive victory behind him, the boxing community is now abuzz with anticipation for Alvarez's next challenge. Speculations are rife, and top contenders have emerged. The forthcoming clash between David Benavidez and Demetrius Andrade is now under the spotlight, as the winner could potentially be the next to square off against the mighty Canelo. Both Benavidez, with his formidable 88.5% knockout ratio, and Andrade, undefeated in 32 fights, offer tantalizing prospects for what could be another epic battle in the ring.

Canelo Next Fight with potential contenders David Benavidez and Demetrius Andrade, hinting at the next big boxing matchup

Benavidez vs Andrade: A Convergence of Titans

As the boxing world eagerly awaits the bout scheduled for November 25th, the stakes are unmistakably high. The victor of this anticipated face-off will undeniably position themselves as the prime contender to challenge Alvarez for the coveted undisputed 168-pound title. This matchup isn't just logical but holds significant implications for the future landscape of the super middleweight category.

David Benavidez stands out as a force to be reckoned with, recognized by many as the most formidable super middleweight contender, second only to Saul Alvarez. Meanwhile, Demetrius Andrade's narrative has been intriguing. While his in-ring appearances have been sparse, with just one fight since November 2021, his vocal desire to square off against Alvarez has been omnipresent. The boxing community has been inundated with Andrade's persistent calls, and a win against Benavidez might just set the stage for the much-anticipated showdown with Alvarez.

Canelo vs David Benavidez 2024

David Benavidez is an unrivaled force in the boxing arena, boasting an untarnished record of 27 wins with no losses or draws. But it's not just his victories that command attention; it's the manner of those wins. Out of these 27 triumphs, he has decimated his adversaries with knockouts 23 times, resulting in a striking 88.5% knockout ratio. Averaging just 4.5 rounds per fight across 118 rounds, his bouts are not just victories but dominant showcases.

In the ring, Benavidez is recognized for his aggressive and relentless style. His forward-pressure, combined with powerful punches and fluid combinations, makes him a nightmare for his opponents. With an impressive reach, he employs it effectively, pinning foes against the ropes and launching into devastating assaults.

Demetrius Andrade: A Champion with Technical Mastery

On the opposite corner stands Demetrius Andrade, another undefeated titan with a remarkable 32 wins. Of these victories, 19 have been secured through knockouts, demonstrating his formidable power and precision. Beyond the numbers, Andrade is a maestro of technique and strategy in the boxing world.

Known for his slick movement, rapid footwork, and adaptability, Andrade is often a complex puzzle for adversaries to decipher. He expertly switches stances between orthodox and southpaw, adding an unpredictable layer to his game. This versatility, coupled with his razor-sharp jabs and adept counter-punching, ensures Andrade remains a formidable challenge for any pugilist.

Canelo Next Fight Awaits

The impending battle between Benavidez vs Andrade promises fireworks. As both fighters prepare to defend their undefeated records, fans around the world gear up for a boxing masterclass. The victor? Only time will tell, but the promise of potentially facing Canelo Alvarez adds another layer of intrigue to this already captivating matchup.

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Top Latest Frequently Asked Questions

Is there a possibility of Canelo Alvarez fighting Jaime Munguia, Jermall Charlo, or Terence Crawford in 2024?

Yes, there is a possibility. Alongside David Benavidez, names like Jaime Munguia, Jermall Charlo, and Terence Crawford have been mentioned as potential opponents for Canelo in 2024, but official confirmations are pending.

Who is Canelo Alvarez likely to fight next?

As of now, Canelo Alvarez's next opponent is not confirmed. However, there is significant speculation that he may face the winner of the upcoming David Benavidez vs. Demetrius Andrade bout, with the fight potentially taking place in 2024.

When is Canelo Alvarez's next fight scheduled?

While specific details are yet to be confirmed, Canelo Alvarez typically fights in May and September. Following his recent victory, his next fight is expected to be around these months in 2024.

Why is the Benavidez vs. Andrade match important for Canelo next fight?

The Benavidez vs. Andrade match, scheduled for November 25th, is crucial as the winner is likely to become the mandatory challenger for Canelo Alvarez's super middleweight title. This sets the stage for a high-profile bout with Alvarez in 2024.

Has Canelo Alvarez commented on his next potential opponent?

Canelo Alvarez has not made any specific comments about his next opponent. He mentioned in an interview that he would be discussing his 2024 fight calendar, indicating that decisions are still in the planning stages.

What are the chances of Canelo Alvarez fighting David Benavidez?

The chances of Canelo Alvarez fighting David Benavidez are considered high by many in the boxing community, especially if Benavidez wins his upcoming fight against Demetrius Andrade. However, nothing is confirmed yet.

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