Canelo Going For Knockout

After the press conference today, Canelo Alvarez has made it clear what his attentions are for his Saturday, September 17th fight when he faces Gennadiy Golovkin at T-Mobile Arena in Las Vegas, Nevada, as well as on DAZN pay-per-view, for all four belts at super middleweight.

Veteran boxing reporter of, Sean Zittel brought a good question to Canelo, in which, the veteran reporter simply asked “why go for the knockout in this fight when Eddy [Reynoso] told him not to,” in the previous fight due to Golovkin’s strength.

“Sometimes Eddy tells me something and I want to do something else like I say [Golovkin] is going to be difficult to knockout,” said Canelo after the final press conference for the pay-per-view fight. “…I am going to try [to knockout Golovkin], all of the fight [SIC]”

It is clear as we have talked about prior that Golovkin hears the negativity about his previous fights against Golovkin, and wants to make a statement that will close out this series. Canelo is stating he is going to try and stop Golovkin, and beyond that, has been stopping his opponents prior to his loss in his last fight against Dmitry Bivol.

“I am mentally and physically ready for everything,” said Canelo. “I love boxing, and I love this [big events]. Boxing is my life.”

As both fighters have been a bit more on edge than normal, it seems Canelo is looking to finish his 2022, better than it started with something memorable in his favor.

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