Callum Walsh: Boxing’s First Fighter Embraced By UFC Fans

Callum Walsh is turning into a star, according to his promoter Tom Loeffler. 

Walsh (9-0, 7 KOs) fights Dauren Yeleussinov (11-3-1, 10 KOs) on Friday, March 15, at the Madison Square Garden Theater, in New York City. 

Walsh is doing the impossible – bridging the gap between boxing and MMA fans and has become the boxer that the UFC fans know and like. 

“I have been in boxing for over 30 years, this is the first time I have ever seen a boxer being cross-promoted with the UFC fanbase,” reflected Loeffler. “That was a specific mission I created with Dana White [UFC CEO]. Without Dana’s support this all wouldn’t be here. Dana gave us the green light to build boxing on UFC Fight Pass.”

Loeffler’s 360 Promotions was a part of the last boxing promotion on HBO. His Hollywood Fight Nights series began right after to keep his fighters busy. That series went from a web-based show to one on UFC Fight Pass. 

Walsh has emerged as a young talent who fans of the streaming platform have gotten to watch from the ground up.The Irish amateur stand-out has been the perfect storm for UFC fans.

“We have had the highest ratings of any boxing shows on UFC Fight Pass,” explained Loeffler. “The formula is working, we have had sell-out crowds.

“Having [Walsh] at UFC events, in-front of the UFC media, in-front of the UFC fans… Which is huge. We brought him to the [UFC] fan experience and he was signing more autographs and taking more photos than when he is at a boxing match. So his recognition is definitely rising.”

The 23-year-old Walsh is having success outside of the ring – yet his last performance was a razor-thin margin of victory against Ismael Villarreal. 

He is still a prospect, but a prospect who is main-eventing high-profile cards. His team have built him into a star, but now comes the tough part – having the big nights and performances that continue to endear a fighter to the general public. 

The latest conquest in Walsh’s combat sport takeover is sports entertainment. Nearly a month ago, Walsh was live at a WWE Monday Night Raw taping and was shown on television as a boxer to the loyal and faithful WWE audience. 

“To add on top of that, we brought him to [WWE] Monday Night Raw,” said Loeffler. “His first WWE show, and it was my first show also, and the show was amazing, but having Callum meet Becky Lynch. Meet Finn [Balor]. Triple H was at his show in New York City, and he recognized him, and made sure Callum got on camera. Callum being introduced to the WWE fans on camera was a tremendous highlight.”

Walsh is an interesting fighter. Even as a case study. UFC Fight Pass is not known as a boxing network yet, but Walsh is now getting more exposure than some well-known boxers. 

He is also doing the impossible, becoming a household name to MMA fans.