Broner Explains PBC Split

Adrien Broner fought on the first official Premier Boxing Champions card against John Molina Jr., so when he went to BLK Prime, it shocked many as the PBC had seen loyalty from their fighters unseen before in the world of boxing.

BLK Prime which entered the boxing space via a Terence Crawford vs. David Avanesyan fight, will now put on a February 25th fight in Atlanta with Adrien Broner facing Ivan Redkach, on pay-per-view. 

“The type of contract that I got, man, they ain’t giving out nowadays in this sport of boxing,” Broner explained to the popular The Porter Way Podcast, hosted by Shawn Porter. “These guys is taking these tough-ass fights, getting that small-ass money and they done gave me [a large sum of money].”

It is clear the driving motivation was simple. It was money.

“Just think, right, you get a guy—no disrespect to Al Or PBC and Espinoza and them,” Broner said. “But they, like, ‘aight, the type of money you want, you gotta go in there and fight Godzilla. But we gon’ pay you. But you gotta go fight Godzilla.’ Then you got a guy, like, ‘aight we’ll pay you triple that and you can pick whoever the f--- you want to fight.’”

The words are a bit cautionary. As it sounds to me, what drove Broner to BLK Prime is the ability to pick his opponents and get paid a lot more money. Something which has a lot of pros and cons for the fans, but is a major plus for the fighters.

The interview is extensive, but the main takeaway I got was the most compelling thing about Adrien Broner vs. Ivan Redkach is the fact that Broner left the PBC, and that is going to be a major talking point leading up to this fight.

Broner hasn’t fought since 2021, and was scheduled to face Omar Figueroa Jr., but had to withdraw on fight week due to mental health issues.