“Boots” Ennis Stops Keith Thurman, Says Deontay Wilder’s Trainer

Jaron “Boots” Ennis is one of the most talked about welterweights, and for good reason. The Philly boxing prodigy who is in the family business of boxing, the same business his brothers and fathers were involved in, now looks to leave his mark on the sport.

The sporting world wants to see Ennis step up, and he does as well, but none of the top contenders are welcoming him with open arms for the challenge.  As the soap opera of Terence Crawford vs. Errol Spence seems to drag into the fall after going through the previous four seasons, Ennis is now targeting former world champion, Keith “One-Time” Thurman, with some expecting Eimantas Stanionis to be another possible opponent as well, if Thurman were to land an Errol Spence fight in the fall.

Malik Scott, a former heavyweight world title contender, and trainer of Deontay Wilder has no doubt about how the fight plays out:

“I think right now, Boots stops Keith Thurman,” said Scott in a media scrum. “… and Keith Thurman is beyond a good fighter.”

Thurman just can’t spend enough time in the ring, after becoming a marquee star of the sport by defeating Shawn Porter and Danny Garcia on CBS, Thurman took two years off from the sport of boxing. During that time, Errol Spence Jr., seemingly caught up to the progress Thurman made, and Thurman entered his final act - the businessman. Thurman now seemingly is only getting in the ring for the right money, and the fights that benefit him solely.

Thurman returned earlier this year to defeat Mario Barrios via a 12-round decision on FOX pay-per-view.

“When I give my opinion on Keith Thurman, I respect you bro. You’ve done way more than me and so many others. My opinion is strictly from a crafts standpoint. I believe Boots would stop Keith Thurman in the second half of the fight. It’s not because Keith Thurman is a bad fighter, it’s just that, that’s how good Boots is to me.”

For those unaware, Ennis hasn't seen the final bell of a prize fight since 2017 and was last seen in action stopping Custio Clayton in two rounds.

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