Bomac on Eubank Jr: "He was winning that last fight"

Trainer Brian "Bomac" McIntyre is confident that Chris Eubank Jr can overturn his defeat against Liam Smith in January next month.

Eubank Jr announced last week that he would have the trainer of Terence Crawford, BoMac, in his corner and has been preparing for his rematch with Smith.

The rematch between Smith and Eubank Jr will take place on September 2nd and will see the pair return to the Manchester Arena also.

Eubank Jr and Smith met earlier this year at the Manchester Arena in a highly anticipated fight for British fight fans to kick off 2023. However, Smith would halt former Eubank Jr inside four rounds.

Bomac, when speaking to Sky Sports, assessed after rewatching the original encounter between the pair. Eubank, in his opinion, was winning the encounter and was just a victim of a careless mistake.

"He was winning that last fight," McIntyre told Sky Sports. "He just got careless.

"His performance was great. He was winning the rounds off the jab. He just got careless. Little small things can make the difference in a fight. I think that he can do a lot better. I think that he can win the fight."

Bomac continued to add that he is no stranger to Eubank Jr, having seen the middleweight prodigy in training in Vegas over the years, predominantly at the Mayweather and Top Rank Gyms, respectively.

"I know enough, I've been watching his fights," McIntyre said. "Of course, I talked to the team of coaches, and we decided, 'let's try it'.

"I'd been seeing him around Mayweather's gym a couple of years back, and I saw him at the Top Rank gym a couple of months back. I was a little starstruck! Because you hear about him and talk about him, but I never talked to him [before]. It was cool."