Blair Cobbs Retracts PED Claims About Vergil Ortiz

Blair Cobbs has issued a fully retracted his prior statement that Vergil Ortiz is on performance enhancing drugs. 

This comes on the heels of a cease-and-desist letter sent by Vergil Ortiz team that had punitive action if Cobbs did not retract his claim by Monday.

“Let me give you guys a big retraction statement on Vergil Ortiz being… doing performance enhancement drugs,” Cobbs said early Monday via his social media feeds. “Initially I thought that he was possibly a user with this illness that very rarely ever happens to anyone that is in boxing. It’s a rare disease, but incredibly dangerous, called rhabdomyolysis. He got admitted into the hospital.”

If Cobbs didn’t comply, he could have faced $100,000 dollars in penalties for defamation. 

“Right now, I need you guys to understand that Vergil Ortiz Jr. is a clean fighter,” furthered Cobbs. “I retract all my statements. I wish nothing but the best but also I still call out Vergil Ortiz Jr. and many other top name fighters. Why? Because I believe I’m great. Woooo!”