BJ Flores Feels Jake Paul Is Just Better Than Tommy Fury

BJ Flores, a former professional boxer and broadcast, who is now best known for his work with Jake Paul, currently in Saudi Arabia, ahead of his fighter’s pay-per-view bout against Tommy Fury.

Though Fury comes from a fighting family, and his most famous sibling is the WBC heavyweight champion Tyson Fury, Tommy Fury is a big unknown. Despite holding a record of 8-0, with 4 knockouts, the opposition has been rather developmental at best. 

"Tommy's got some really good attributes. He's got hand speed and he's been around the boxing ring for a long time, but I feel like he's in with just a better athlete," Flores when speaking to Sky Sports."Jake punches harder, he's smarter, has a higher boxing IQ and I feel like he does a lot of things that will give Tommy a lot of problems."

Paul has become a boxing pay-per-view star whether fight fans want to embrace that or not. His run defeating famous MMA veterans, with most recently being a win over Anderson Silva, has made each and every bout event viewing to a certain degree. In six fights, Paul has never flown under the radar in any way. 

"Tyson is a very smart boxing guy, he knows boxing very well and for him to say that, I feel like it's put a lot of pressure on Tommy," Flores said when speaking about Tyson Fury stating that Tommy Fury will beat Jake Paul.

The bout billed as “The Truth” will certainly tell us about the futures of both fighters as the fighter who loses this fight will have a long-road back to redemption.

"He's never fought in front of the type of crowds that Jake has multiple times. He's never headlined in front of 20,000 people. He's never been the main event on a pay-per-view card or had a main spotlight fight. I don't care what Tommy says, 'no pressure' whatever, he's going to feel it on fight week."

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