Bernard Hopkins hits out at Ryan Garcia as relationship deteriorates further

If Bernard Hopkins’s recent interview with The Spit Bucket podcast is anything to go by, Ryan Garcia’s relationship with Golden Boy Promotions has seemingly taken another spiral in the wrong direction.

Garcia, who suffered the maiden defeat in April inside seven rounds to Gervonta Davis, had spoken about how he felt let down by Oscar De La Hoya & Golden Boy Promotions as a whole, with De La Hoya & Hopkins visibly not present for the traditional post-fight press conference following the defeat to Davis. Furthermore, Garcia replaced Joe Goossen as his trainer and has now linked up with Derrick James to train in Texas. James has the likes of Errol Spence Jr, the Charlo twins and Anthony Joshua under his tutelage.

Hopkins has questioned Garcia as to his attitude and insisted that Garcia takes ownership of his loss and ultimately stops playing the blame game.

“The question is two-sided when it comes to Ryan didn’t get up, and Oscar didn’t get up; they were both body shots. That ain’t the debate.

The blame game, and responsibility, and ownership, that’s the man versus the boy. Hold up. That’s the man in Oscar, and that’s the boy in Ryan. The boy and the man.

We ain’t talking about hair on your you-know-what. We are talking about how do you handle a situation of this magnitude as a man, or as a whining boy, blaming everybody that you can blame.”

Garcia reacted to the comments made by Hopkins by taking to Twitter, and he believes he has already taken responsibility for the loss to Davis while expressing his surprise at being attacked by De La Hoya, Hopkins and Golden Boy Promotions as a whole.

“I don’t remember ever making an excuse for my loss.

“I just said that parts of my team showed they didn’t have loyalty; that has nothing to do with a fight, only with integrity.

Bhop is trying to help Oscar. I never seen an attack on someone’s own fighter by a promoter ever.”

Waters between Garcia and Golden Boy last month when the promotional entity took legal action against Garcia to enforce the remainder of Garcia’s contract with the promotional firm.

The move from Golden Boy came following Garcia sent a legal letter to the promotional firm alleging violations of the promotional agreement and California and federal law that invalidated the contract.

At the time of Garcia’s complaint and seeking to end his contract with GBP, his attorney stated that “Golden Boy is obligated to promote and enhance Ryan Garcia, not malign him on Twitter and file a public, baseless lawsuit against him."