Benavidez says Plant-based beef is buried, he’s earned Canelo fight

David Benavidez apologised for the pre-fight grudge he held against Caleb Plant after the two shared 12 competitive rounds at the MGM Grand in Las Vegas.

“The fight lived up to what it was supposed to live up to,” said Benavidez. “It was bad blood, but I’m glad that me and Caleb Plant were able to fight like warriors in the ring and bury the beef. I knew I was stronger than him and I know I had a lot to prove. I had a lot to show to the fans, a lot of people said I didn’t have defence, I just come forward. Yes, I do come forward but I have a lot of defence. I have a lot of tricks up my sleeve as well.”

The super-middleweight star told the post-fight press conference he was happy with the fight and his performance.

“I showed I’m a monster,” Benavidez continued. “After the sixth round, I just started picking up and landing some big shots, countering the body shots and as soon as I got the engine going, it was no turning back.”

Asked whether he was disappointed not to add Plant to his long list of stoppage victims, Benavidez replied: “I’m a little disappointed but you have seen how his face looked. He was really bloody and I was really imposing my will and beating him up really good. I’m not really satisfied because I didn’t get the knockout. but this is a great way to get a victory, it was a dominant performance… I can still get better.”

Then, sights shifted to the fight Benavidez wants over any other, a 168lbs showdown with Canelo Alvarez, who first fights mandatory challenger John Ryder on May 6.

“I feel like Canelo Alvarez needs these fights, a big fighter like me,” Benavidez stated. “Me and Caleb Plant was a huge fight so I think it would do huge pay-per-view numbers. And let’s just take it back to fighting, I want to prove myself, Canelo’s proved himself but I feel like he needs to give me the opportunity. It’s not like I’m begging for something. I’ve been mandatory for the past two fights so it’s something I’ve earned.”

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