Benavidez & Plant Share A War Of Words At Press Conference

It is clear neither fighter likes each other. 

Today was the first day David Benavidez and Caleb Plant took to the stage to promote their March 25th, 2023, pay-per-view, which will take place at the MGM Grand in Las Vegas, Nevada. 

It what started as the standard boring press conference quickly escalated into a slew of insults.

As Caleb Plant stood at the podium, it slowly went south.

“..we’ve got a big fight on our hands, but that’s good that is what boxing needs,” said Caleb Plant. “[After Canelo, I told my team bring me the biggest fight possible] They came back with two-time former world champion Anthony Dirrell, [Dirrell] was ranked high enough to make it a WBC 12-round fight title eliminator, and [David Benavidez] being the interim champ, that means I fight [Benavidez] next, right?”

Plant looked over to Benavidez, who seemed angered and simply responded.

“You were pressured,” Jose Benavidez Sr. stated off camera."

As the Benavidez family kept yelling “show up” to Plant, took a dig at David Benavidez. 

“I will show up and I will be on weight and I won’t test positive for cocaine either,” said Plant mocking Benavidez positive drug test that led him being stripped of the WBC super middleweight title, and Benavidez missing weight in prior bouts. 

This seemed to set things in motion to spiral downhill. 

“At the highest level, you hit like a [expletive],” said David Benavidez in response to Caleb Plant referencing his last fight a brutal KO over Anthony Dirrell. 

David Benavidez would stand-up and confront Plant.

“You ain’t going to do anything [SIC],” stated Plant to Benavidez.

“This guy looks like he is about to cry, look at his eyes,” said Benavidez. 

With no face-off, and a lot of insults exchanged it is clear, this is one of the fights most fight fans need to have circled on their calendar.

Also announced at the press conference today was the addition of Angel “Memo" Heredia, a controversial figure who is a world-renown strength and conditioning coach, who Jose Benavidez mentioned the team brought in to work with his son, David Benavidez.