Avanesyan Files Complaint Over Crawford Glove Scandal

David Avanesyan filled an official complaint with the Nebraska Athletic Commission (NAC) on behalf addressing the manner in which Terence ‘Bud’ Crawford was able to still fight after having a pair of faulty boxing gloves. Crawford stopped David Avanesyan in the sixth-round in their December 10 BLK Prime Pay-Per-View main event at CHI Health Center in his hometown of Omaha, Nebraska.

The Avanesyan team wants a justification for why the fight continued after referee Sparkle Lee who called time to look at Crawford’s gloves, both of which were falling apart, was allowed to continue. As Avanesyan was knocked out not long after.

“I have serious concerns over the issue that preceded the stoppage, specifically relating to a clear and obvious defect in Terence Crawford’s glove and the origination of the same, which do not appear to be the exact gloves presented at the rules meeting,” Neil Marsh, Avanesyan’s manager, wrote to NAC deputy athletic commissioner Brian Dunn in a letter that Jake Donovan of obtained. “The Referee correctly called the Time-Out and consulted the Commission, and I assume the WBO Supervisor who inspected the defective Glove/s before the Referee stating – “Let this round go then go and get another one.” Allowing the fight to continue was, in my view, both irresponsible and negligent and such action placed Avanesyan in additional danger.”

This is a developing story, and one weird one as well.

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