Antonio ‘Tono’ Moran

More pundits predicted, when asked which of the eight entrants would likely to be the ultimate victor, that Antonio ‘Tono’ Moran would make off with the Last Chance tournament trophy. He’d faced the best caliber of talent, they reasoned, and he didn’t look out of place versus Jose Pedraza, Devin Haney and Arnold Barboza. Those clashes prepared the Mexico City native for what Jeffrey Torres brought to the table at the ProBox Events Center May 20.

Moran, age 29, holds a 27-5-1 record, with 19 KOs. Those who opined he’d be the final Last Chance man standing haven’t backed off their belief. Moran, nicknamed ‘Tono,’ has come off as an earnest pro’s pro. That perception didn’t waver as ProBox News looked to get a better handle on what makes the right-handed pugilist tick.

“I grew up with my family in Mexico City in the Bondojito neighborhood, my mom has always been a housewife and my dad works in immigration,” Moran shares. “I have a brother and a sister who are younger than me. Everyone has always supported me and goes to every one of my fights. I started training boxing when I was 12 years old, my dad took me and my brother to practice sports but I fell in love with boxing from the first day and only I continued training.”

There’s no hint of any character tics or references to habits that might be detrimental to the Mexicans’ desire and ability to run the Last Chance table.

“I grew up in Mexico City, I have lived here all my life. I currently live with my wife and my 9-month-old son,” says the steady-as-he-goes practitioner who took a UD8 in the semis over Torres (10-1 coming in). “I started training boxing just for sport but when I started I liked it a lot and I haven't let it go. I had an amateur record of 90 wins and 10 losses.”

The pairing of Moran and 24 year old Texan Michael Dutchover (16-2, 12 KOs) seems appropriate, in that they match temperament in their approach to the craft. “After my fight in Florida, I rested for a week and then resumed my training for the next fight,” Moran says. “I think Michael is a strong and seasoned fighter, but we are training hard to win. I see that Dutchover moves around the whole ring and he is someone who boxes, but by keeping him at a distance and landing hard shots we can beat him.”

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