Anthony Young: Alexis Rocha has the same record as me, but I beat a world champion

Anthony “Juice” Young was ready to take destiny into his own hands last January when he was set to face Alexis Rocha, before having to withdraw from the fight. It appeared Rocha was ready to enforce a WBO welterweight world title mandatory with Terence Crawford before that fell apart as reported on ProBox TV News previously. 

Now Young gets the chance to fight Rocha in the month of May, nearly four months after he was originally set him, as the two will fight May 27th, at the Fantasy Springs Resort in Indio, California, broadcast on DAZN.

“It was…a nasal fracture,” said Anthony Young as he spoke to ProBox TV News from his car via Zoom. “[It was] extremely painful. I thought I could go through with it, but then I tried to spar and I got hit in the nose, and it was unbearable.”

The severity of the injury seemed to be something that might limit a fighter in preparation, but Young stated he had no long-term effects from the injury.

“I heal fast I am like Wolverine [from the X-Men],” said Young. “Yeah, that injury is behind me, I have been sparring no problem.”

Bout with Rocha

As for the talk about his opponent, Rocha facing Terence Crawford. Young feels that the fight would never happen as Crawford is looking for bigger fights and that this opportunity came at just the right time.

“I don’t know what happened with the [Terence] Crawford situation, but Crawford wasn’t going to take that fight, [Crawford] is trying to get paid,” said Young. “I am sure [Crawford] would’ve gotten decent money, but he wouldn’t have gotten Errol Spence money if [Crawford] fought Alexis Rocha.”

Young, who is best known for his third-round knockout of former world champion Sadam Ali, which sent Ali into retirement, feels that despite being viewed as an underdog, he has the same type of record as Alexis Rocha. 

Young, who has mostly fought on the regional circuit, and be on the back burner since his marquee wins in 2019, is now eyeballing the biggest fight of his life, one in which his life can change forever with a win. Young feels that the motivation he is bringing in coming to win will startle Rocha, who he believes hasn’t fought many people who came to upset him.

Young feels Rocha is untested

“[Outside of Ellis and Cobbs] all of those other dudes [Rocha fought] were coming to lose,” said Young. “They were going with the script. [They came in] on the b-side, we going to give you decent money, ain’t none of those opponents came to win. I am a little different, maybe my background or where I come from, but I ain’t coming to lay down, and if he is going to win, he is going to have to earn it.”

Young, who has trained with famous fighters such as Ray Ford, Danny Garcia, and Jaron “Boots” Ennis, has seen their success, and wants to create his own. The New Jersey fighter, who has spent a large portion of his career sparring in Philly gyms is ready for his moment on Saturday, May 27th. 

“Any time I see anyone [I know] win on the big stage, it is definitely motivating,” said Young. “Whether it is Ray Ford or Jaron ‘Boots’ Ennis, Danny Garcia, I know all these dudes, anytime I see them [win I think], ‘I can’t wait until it is my turn.’”