Andy Ruiz Sr. talks negotiating with Deontay Wilder and him being scared of fighting his son

As the interim WBO heavyweight champion Zhilei Zhang (25-1-1, 20 KOs) said a few weeks ago on Instagram, “The heavyweight division is a mess.” It really is, and it seems like the biggest names in the division are dancing around each other, while discussing the idea of fighting both privately and publicly. It’s frustrating as the heavyweight division has always been the one that draws in the casuals and makes a boxing card into an event.

On Monday night, former WBC champion Deontay Wilder (43-2-1, 42 KOs) posted a video calling out former unified champion Andy Ruiz Jr. (35-2, 22 KOs). Although the tweet by Premier Boxing Champions didn’t have any captions, the Instagram post by Wilder himself had some specific comments for Ruiz Jr.

Stop playing around @andy_destroyer13 and be a man and make your own decisions and not allow your daddy to mess up your last few years #DaddyBoy❤️ It's okay to be that, but you're a grown-ass man with children depending on you. Remember that before it’s too late, then you’ll have regrets while your father lectures you on how you should have saved your money lol#BombZquad #TilThisDay

Although Ruiz Jr. commented on the post by saying, “Let’s go,” his father, Andy Ruiz Sr., who also serves as Ruiz Jr.’s advisor, has some thoughts about the Wilder comments while also shedding some light on a phone call they all shared talking about the possibility of a fight.

In an exclusive call with ProBoxTV, Ruiz Sr. said, “When Wilder was negotiating with us, he posted a video (Fight Hype Interview) that fighters at that level (Oleksandr Usyk, Tyson Fury, Andy Ruiz Jr., etc.) need to negotiate the fight themselves so they can make the most money. So we discussed the fight, and Wilder spoke directly to Andy (Ruiz Jr.) about it over the phone. Wilder asked Andy to accept a financial offer that just wasn’t right. Wilder wants to earn the majority of the money for the fight. How is he going to ask for the majority of the money when it is a 50/50 fight? (Deontay) Wilder isn’t a champ, and neither is Andy. I told Wilder that ‘you aren’t fighting an ordinary Mexican fighter. You’re fighting a former champion who was the first Mexican heavyweight champion.’

Ruiz Sr. continued, “I told Wilder, ‘How do you expect my son to fight you for that type of money?’. Wilder is making excuses as he doesn’t want the fight. Wilder is scared to fight Andy. We are ready to fight Wilder tomorrow! We tried to set up a meeting with Wilder and Andy to discuss the fight face-to-face when he was here in Los Angeles, but Wilder chose not to do that. Why doesn’t Wilder want to face Andy face to face to negotiate the terms?”

Team Ruiz knows that Wilder has his eye on a Joshua fight in the Middle East. Still, just like Eddie Hearn admitted in the most recent episode of “Boxing with Chris Mannix,” the Saudis are slower than average when negotiating fights so there is a good chance that Wilder is just running out of patience in fear that he won’t fight at all this year. Ruiz Sr. feels that the Joshua fight isn’t happening for Wilder and that Hearn wants Ruiz Jr. to “soften up” Wilder before getting the Joshua fight.


Ruiz Sr. was full of energy on the call and didn’t want to leave out anything on his mind. “Andy is going to destroy Wilder. Just like he beat Joshua in the first fight, he will destroy Wilder. It’s going to be the same story. Just like Fury beat up Wilder, Andy is going to beat Wilder even worse. Andy is going to finish Wilder,” said Ruiz Sr. Although he said that, Ruiz Sr. knows that it’s a hard fight for both men but one that would do well here in the U.S. and Mexico regarding PPVs. Ruiz Sr. kept mentioning that they are ready for the fight, but it has to be at the right price.

Ruiz Sr. told ProBoxTV, “When I spoke to Al (Haymon), the fight would be for November or December. We were originally going for September 30th, but that is coming soon, and that month already has Canelo and a big UFC card.” Ruiz Sr. continued, “Wilder’s time is almost up. What options does Wilder have? Fight Frank Sanchez? That fight wouldn’t sell. Fight Fury or Usyk? That isn’t going to happen, so who else other than Andy is out there for Wilder?”

He does have a point that other than the Joshua fight being made right now, Wilder doesn’t have many options. The Ruiz Jr. matchup is a great fight and would certainly draw a big crowd to see it, as Wilder has that eraser right hand while Ruiz Jr. has the hand speed and boxing ability to beat Wilder. It’s an interesting fight that would cap off what has already been a banner year for boxing. Let’s hope it gets done.