Andrew Moloney: I'm edging Haney, but Lomachenko might rollback the years

The clock is firmly ticking ahead of the undisputed lightweight championship between Devin Haney and Vasyl Lomachenko at the MGM Grand, Las Vegas, May 20.

Andrew Moloney Gives Exclusive Preview of Haney vs. Lomachenko

Andrew Moloney acts as chief support when he takes on Junto Nakatani for the WBO World Super Flyweight title. The former world champion spoke exclusively to Probox TV News to give his opinion on the 135lbs super-fight.

“As a boxing fan, I’m looking forward to the fight.” Moloney said. “To be fighting on a card with all those eyeballs watching is a great opportunity for me.

“I love Lomachenko, but I do like Haney too. I’m a little bit undecided. If it were a year or two ago, I would have said without a doubt - Lomachenko.

“I think I’m going to edge Devin Haney, because I think Loma has been a little inactive. I’m not sure how consistent his training has been since what’s been going on in the Ukraine. He’s obviously getting towards the end of his career.

Moloney Predicts Haney to Edge Out Lomachenko in Lightweight Showdown

“He’s a much smaller fighter than what Haney is.” Moloney added. “I just feel Haney can keep him at a long distance and will be able to outpoint Lomachenko. I think Haney wins the unanimous decision over 12 rounds. Just because of the activity he has had recently, he’s young, he’s getting better all the time and he’s a big lightweight - which Lomachenko is not.”

Moloney, who just landed in the USA ahead of his world title bout, wasn’t particular confident in his prediction. The Australian played devil's advocate to end the preview.

“There is another side to it though.” Moloney continued. “Lomachenko has been pretty vocal about becoming undisputed champion and it’s what has motivated him for last few years, so I am sure he will give this fight absolutely everything. He may just wind the clock back and show us the best Lomachenko we have ever seen. But it’s a tough one, I’m excited for the fight. Hopefully I’m sat there with a world title on my lap watching it.”

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