Andres Campos Gears Up for Sunny Edwards Fight with Jorge Rubio in His Corner

Chile will have a chance to crown their first legitimate world champion when Andres Campos takes on Sunny Edwards for the IBF flyweight world title in London on June 10.

Campos (15-0, 4 KOs) has worked his way up the rankings in his native Chile, with the odd appearance in Argentina and Australia. He's also worked closely with Andrew and Jason Moloney sharing the same management team as the Australian twins. 

Ahead of the biggest fight of his life, the record breaking South American speaks exclusively to ProBox TV News.

“Me and my team were preparing for a nice fight in Chile on the 23rd of May.” Campos said. “We had planned to fight Miel Fajardo, who knocked out Augustin Gauto in Dubai. We had all the negotiations ready for this fight, but then out of the blue two weeks ago I got a call from the big boss. My manager Tony Tolj tells me I can fight for the world title against Sunny Edwards. I couldn’t believe it.”

Campos jumps into the lion’s den when he attempts to rip the flyweight world title from Edwards in the English capital. The 26 year-old student of the sport has had his eyes on the Englishman for some time. 

“We have been studying Sunny Edwards for the last two years.” Campos explained. “Ever since he became a world champion. It’s a dream come true to come to England for such a big fight. We are completely certain we will win this fight. I will become the first world champion of Chile. I’m expecting a great fight.

“We head to Argentina for training in the coming days. We have two fighters from Chile coming with us and have two good fighters to help us with sparring in Argentina. It’s going to be a great camp, shortly after we head to Miami to work at Jorge Rubio’s gym. We have good fighters meeting us there too. We will make history in the UK, we are not expecting, we are doing this. That belt is mine! I’m bringing it to my country and my people.”

The flyweight division has some buzz around it right now. Edwards has signed with DAZN and Matchroom in recent weeks, the British promotional outfit also takes care of WBC champion Jesse ‘Bam’ Rodriguez, making it the place to be for any fighter campaigning at 112 lbs.

“Sunny Edwards is a very talented fighter.” Campos stated. “He’s very good. He is undefeated, just like me. But I don’t think he has fought anyone like me. I think I’m better than anyone he has ever fought. I think he’s a great fighter, he’s just not as good as me. My team is serious, I’m not some South American coming in for a payday, I’m here to win. The camp and the team is very serious, eight or nine different experts working with me to make sure I win that belt.

“This is going to be a great fight. I love the idea of me fighting Sunny Edwards. I’m predicting I will win by knockout, I’m completely sure, 100 percent. We will stop him before round 10. That is our idea. This is what we are training for, to knockout Sunny Edwards in his own country and take the world title to Chile. I’ve been to other countries before and knocked people out, I broke history in Argentina as the first Chilean to win by stoppage over there. Marcos Maidana invited me over, hence why we are going back for training. I’ve been working with some of the very best all my career. I was with Andrew and Jason Moloney in Las Vegas as they prepared for world title fights. I know I’m ready now, mark my words - I will become Chile’s first ever world champion.”

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