Chris Algieri previews 'banger of a matchup' between Luis Feliciano and Mykquan Williams

Luis Feliciano locks horns with Mykquan Williams in tonight’s WNF main event live on ProBox TV. 

Former world champion Chris Algieri will commentate tonight's card in Florida. He gave his opinion on Feliciano Vs Williams.

“I expect a ProBox main event,” Algieri said to ProBox TV. “I expect two guys who are going to go for it, because they know what this platform means, and they understand where they are at in their careers. I know Feliciano really well, I used to spar with him a few years ago. I know Mykquan Williams really well from the northeast area. I have actually seen him fight many times live.

“I think this is a banger of a matchup. These guys are both what ProBox is all about. They have been around for a long time, which is really interesting, because I have been watching them for years now. They haven’t really caught the mainstream attention. So now they have this opportunity here, with this platform, where people are going to be [watching] this. There are a lot of eyes that watch ProBox TV, and a win here really escalates them and elevates them to that status that they have been striving for so long.”

Feliciano (17-0, 8 KOs) and Williams (19-0-2, 8 KOs) both put their undefeated records on the line in the ten round super lightweight main attraction.

“A win here for either one of these guys, they are both undefeated. Knocking off an undefeated guy is a big deal. Like I said, these guys are just outside the [top-fifteen in the world] rankings, but a win here, put them in. Saul Sanchez just fought Jason Moloney - what a great fight! [Lost a majority decision] A lot of people argue that [Sanchez] won that fight, and a lot of people had it a draw. It was a great fight. He was on our air. 

“Hard to say who is going to win. I have been in the ring with Feliciano, I’ve watched Mykquan for a long time and I know he has a lot of skills. Neither guy is a big puncher. I think we are going to get ten rounds. I think it is going to be an action-packed fight. I think both guys are going to be really going for it. Also, as someone who is calling the fight I can’t give my prediction on the fight, I just have to see what is going to happen.”