Adrian Broner Signs With BLK Prime

BLK Prime has a problem.

Adrien “The Problem” Broner, that is. The former four-division world champion is now the newest signee to BLK Prime Boxing, as he joined the promotion via a live stream on popular YouTuber, Blue Bloods Sports TV live-telecast on YouTube to promote the upcoming bout.

This comes less than a week after Terence Crawford signed to face David Avanesyan to defend his WBO world title on the network’s first major pay-per-view.

“This is a special time for me,” said Broner during a brief speech on the stream. ”I want to give my man a shoutout to my man Desmond. I call him my uncle Desmond, the CEO of BLK Prime. I want to thank him for this opportunity. I think with my brand, with About Billions, with BLK Prime, we’re gonna take over boxing and reach heights that’s never done before.[SIC]”

Broner will fight three times over a 12-month span was revealed during the announcement as well as he will not be featured on the December 10th, Terence Crawford fight card.

Broner is one of the most engaging personalities in the sport of boxing, and someone who moves the needle, regardless of where he is ranked in any division.

BLK Prime has made it clear that more signings are occurring soon as well.