Youngster Emiliano Moreno already has world title aspirations

Emiliano Moreno has a goal of becoming one of the youngest world champions ever. 

The 18-year-old returns against the undefeated Axl Melendez on February 16, as part of a special Friday night telecast of Wednesday Night Fights on ProBox TV. 

Moreno stated he could fight at either junior-welterweight or welterweight and wants the world to know he intends to be a champion.

“I was never really an amateur,” Moreno told ProBox TV. “I was sparring pros at 13 and 14. So, by the time I was 15, I felt like I was ready to turn pro.”

Moreno is currently 8-0, with 5 KOs. He was 5-1 as an amateur, losing his first fight and since rifling off 12 straight wins, in the amateurs and pros.

“I have been boxing since I was 10,” he added. “My brother got me into it, so I started to get into boxing. I am a quick learner. So I started to spar and train around pros like David Benavídez. I was with the Benavidez team for a little bit when I started.”

Moreno, in his last fight, on ProBox TV and defeated previously-unbeaten Daniel Lim, stopping him in the second round. The November 15 fight was impressive as it was seen on paper as competitive. 

“I learned a lot,” Moreno said of his education. “I went to the Wild Card Boxing Club, Robert Garcia’s gym. I was sparring when I was 14. Ever since I started boxing I wanted to be a pro, I never had ambitions to be an amateur or an Olympian. So I just followed the same path David Benavídez did.”

Moreno is trained by his father, Jaime Moreno, and has spent this camp at the Split-T Boxing Gym in Las Vegas. 

“My father is a very good trainer,” Moreno continued. “Right now, he is also training former world champion Nicholas Walters. I think he learned a lot from Jose Benavidez Sr. and you can see it in his training, but he also has his own style.” 

Prodigy Moreno is hopeful of becoming a world champion in the next two years and made it clear he’d love to become the one of the youngest world champions.