Will Charlo be the bigger man against Canelo?

Canelo Alvarez's next move in the boxing world is poised to be a significant one as he embarks on a three-fight deal under the Premier Boxing Champions (PBC) banner, with his first challenge in this new venture, being the Jermell Charlo

The gimmick of the bout is undisputed versus undisputed. Charlo is the undisputed junior middleweight world champion moving up two weight classes to face the undisputed super middleweight world champion, Canelo Alvarez. 

Yet, at the press conference Charlo appeared taller, which he is, but does that mean, Charlo will be the bigger man on fight night? The big thing a lot of fight fans were looking at was baggy clothing and confusion when seeing the fighter from the lower weight class, Charlo, appear much bigger than Canelo via the optics of a photographic lens. 

“He’s gonna find out that I’m the big Charlo," said Charlo at the LA press conference. "I am what I say I am. Canelo will see that I pack good punching power, that I have good lateral movement and that I’m a ring general, just like he is. He’ll see that it won’t be a walk in the park. He says he’s gonna be better in this fight, and it’s the same thing for me."

While Charlo has asserted that size doesn't matter, some fans couldn't help but notice the contrasting physical attributes when the fighters faced off. As mentioned above height, but also a similar build including the thickness of each fighter's back. 

Now comes the bigger question is this really true? Sometimes people look at the desert and see water only to find out it is a trick played by your mind on you. That is referred to as a mirage. So is this a mirage or are astute fight fans making a reasonable assertion? This will be a major talking point and/or storyline as the fight nears closer.

“I always say that outside of the ring, I look like I’m an easy opponent," said Canelo at the LA press conference. "When fighters step in the ring with me, it’s completely different. It’s not the same watching me from outside the ring as it is actually being inside the ring with me. I’m a different guy."

A look into their respective journeys reveals that Canelo began his professional career at a lower weight class than Charlo, but over the past decade has campaigned at a much higher weight. Canelo debuted at super lightweight which is capped at 140 pounds, while Charlo initiated his career in the welterweight ranks at 147 pounds. Canelo though has fought as heavy as light heavyweight which is 175-lbs, the heaviest of either fighter. It is important to note that Canelo has had mixed results at light heavyweight defeating Sergey Kovalev via knockout, but was outboxed by Dmitry Bivol.

The question that lingers is whether Charlo's leap from two divisions down to super middleweight will be in vain, or is an astute maneuver that some unknowing look at as insane. Charlo and his team, however, remain undeterred, even suggesting that they will , prioritizing speed and movement instead of making the 168-lbs limit on the dot. 

“When I got the call for this fight, there was nothing I could say other than ‘let’s go,’" said Charlo. "My whole career has kind of been all about chasing Canelo. He’s been the top guy for a long time. The fight has presented itself now and I just have to get in there, do my job and be the best that I can be."

The two undisputed champions will fight each other on September 30 at the illustrious T-Mobile Arena in Las Vegas, live on Showtime pay-per-view.