Why Crawford-Spence II should happen (and why it shouldn't...)

Terence Crawford's spectacular victory over Errol Spence Jr. at the T-Mobile Arena in Las Vegas has solidified his spot in the hall-of-fame, and put him as the best modern fighter in the sport of boxing. What was thought to be a competitive bout, turned into a one-sided beating.

The performance for the ages will be played before every event Crawford attends from here on out. For Crawford, this fight was about validation as he was disrespected for most of his career as well as Premier Boxing Champion (PBC) had seemingly gone out of their way to write him out of history, as a PBC on FOX telecast once didn't acknowledge him as a champion, and fights were made 'in-house' making it hard for Crawford to face the best welterweights.

Now we face a new question; what should we feel about the rematch between Crawford and Spence

It seems an immediate rematch with Spence is on the way as both trainers have confirmed the bout. That brings up the next point...what is at stake, what are the x-factors, and will it be entertaining? 

Sans 'BoMac'

Brian 'BoMac' McIntyre as reported by ProBox TV News, was arrested on Sunday coming back to the United States trying to board a plane with a firearm. The legal proceeding is very early in the process, but an early story to the rematch will be as follows...How will the team look without the possible leader of the three-headed monster that is 'BoMac', Red Spikes, and Esau Dieguez? 

A built-in adversity could be looming with the exclusion of 'BoMac' possibly not being involved in the fight.

Is Spence Alright?

Errol Spence took a one-sided beating as he was knocked down several times en route to being stopped. This also comes on the heels of a 2019 car crash that left Spence in the hospital and having injuries to his face. A concerned or cynical observer might wonder what the risk is compared to the reward as Spence Jr. has a lot of miles on his young body. The bout had one round that was competitive and then eight rounds in which Crawford landed damaging blow after damaging blow. 

People have speculated that Spence's speech pattern has changed over the years, though that is something that shouldn't be speculated on at a professional level. In short, there are major concerns about Spence's career moving forward including the fact that he'd be rematching a fighter he seemingly had no answer for whatever he was doing to him.  

Why It Should Happen

It should happen so we know for a fact that Spence Jr. was not impacted by a weight cut or any other circumstance. Though it would be a rather lackluster build-up it would be the story of redemption as Spence Jr. was very arrogant in the build-up to this fight with Crawford only to be humbled. Though some believe the first fight was proof enough that Terence Crawford was the best of the modern era, this fight would send the final shots to the world. If Crawford were to win, he'd simply be able to say he was better. 

The rematch matters because it dispels any form of excuse that either fighter could be leveraged into. The fight would more than likely happen at junior middleweight, which would usher in a new era of the welterweight division as Jaron Ennis, and Alexis Rocha could finally seemingly go after world titles after waiting. 

Though at first, it seems like an unpleasant surprise, the fight could serve as one final goodbye to an era that was enjoyable.

What about Boots...

The biggest negative for the rematch is the fact that one of the most interesting homegrown fighters from the United States Jaron "Boots" Ennis, a formidable undefeated fighter with tremendous power and potential, has been sitting and waiting for his chance at the winner of Spence vs. Crawford. Ennis is regarded as the next best welterweight in the division, yet has never fought for a world title, and only recently has begun to main event Showtime Championship Boxing cards.

Given the political nature of boxing, Ennis occupies the spot no fighter wants to be in - a high-risk, low-reward fighter. It is similar to what is happening to Dmitry Bivol or Artur Beterbiev, all three fighters are talented, and all three fighters do not bring in the biggest purses, thus often fighters will look for opponents who garner bigger paychecks until it is required to face this level of opposition.


The elephant in the room is Canelo. If Canelo defeats Jermell Charlo on September 30th, we could be setting the stage for a Crawford versus Canelo mega-fight in 2024. Though many might think this could take away from the upcoming clash - in many ways it adds to it. 

Imagine sitting down, watching on your TV, and seeing Saul "Canelo" Alvarez sitting ringside in a fancy outfit. If Crawford were to win, entering the ring and fight is made for May of the following year. Sure - it sounds like a pipedream, but if it did happen it would be special, and let's not act like a similar thing didn't happen to start the Gennady Golovkin trilogy for Canelo Alvarez. 

So, one of the other reasons for the fight to happen is the optics of a big event with Canelo being at the event with invested interest in the fight.