Watch Ryan Garcia duck me, charges Rolando Romero

Could Ryan Garcia fight WBA junior welterweight champion Rolando Romero?

It seems just a little bit closer following a tweet from the always-outspoken Romero. 

The two have a well-publicized past. Romero rose to fame after two good sparring sessions that saw him allegedly get the better of Garcia, catapulting Romero into some of the limelight. Romero doubled down on his fame by becoming a renowned boxing troll on the internet, giving himself even more exposure. 

Romero tweeted the following earlier today. 

“Watch Ryan duck me after I’ve been partying for the last seven months, I don’t even need a training camp to spank that ass,” tweeted Romero. “I’ve spent enough time away from boxing. It’s time to make the biggest PPV event of 2024 @RyanGarcia Let’s give the fans what they want, they’ve been begging for this for years #RomeroGarcia

#RomeroGarcia March 2024”

The two have been on a collision course for six years. What makes the March date so interesting is that it could align with the launch of Premier Boxing Champions fights on Amazon Prime. Could Rolando Romero versus Ryan Garcia be the first fight of the new partnership? 

Plenty of big-name PBC fighters seem occupied. Deontay Wilder has a multi-fight deal in Saudi Arabia. Errol Spence has been AWOL since losing to Terence Crawford. Now the Crawford rematch seems up in the air. Abdul Wahid, the boxer formally known as Gervonta Davis, could return in this timeframe, but against whom? Even that isn’t a given.

A world title fight pitting Garcia against Romero would tick a lot of boxes, from trash talk, a large audience, an exciting blend of styles and a star-studded crowd.

Now it just comes down to if the fight can be made. Is Romero angling for this fight or alluding to it? If it is in March, it might not be long until it’s announced.