Tyson Fury Says Don't Rule Out Fourth Deontay Wilder Fight

The man who made being the lineal heavyweight world champion, a thing, who also holds the WBC heavyweight title as well, Tyson Fury is at it again, as he was in Saudi Arabia two weekends ago, and spoke to FightHub TV about his future. Thought the topics of all the big fights we want to see Fury involved in were brought up involving an undisputed heavyweight title bout between himself and Oleksandr Usyk, if he’d entertain fighting a celebrity in the future, and even the conversation of Anthony Joshua.

One thing seems to drive him, and it is what motivates a lot of people around the world - money. At this point in Tyson Fury’s career, he is a money-motivated fighter.

Fury spent 2022 stopping both Derek Chisora and Dillian Whyte, two brutes who are at similar points in their careers. Beloved fighters for their aggression and their heroic performances against often more talented fighters, some of which they pulled up upset victories over, but the truth is the truth. Fury is a generational great, at the very least a top-10 all-time heavyweight, and quite possibly the best of all time by some people’s view of the situation. Many are hoping after such a solid showing in 2020, and 2021, we see Tyson Fury finish his career off with one or two more mega-fights that cement his legacy in the sport of boxing.

“You know Tyson [Fury] is ready to fight anyone in the world, you’ve got to pay him what he is worth,” said Fury’s father, John Fury when speaking to Fight Hub TV. “…I don’t think [Oleksandr] Usyk is worth a 50-50 [split of the purse]. Usyk on his own can’t sell the 02 [Arena] out. Tyson [Fury] brings a 94,000 crowd, the world’s media, [Tyson Fury] deserves to be the a-side, and he deserves a-side money.”

As for the man who will forever be linked to Fury’s career, Deontay Wilder, has once again been linked to Tyson Fury as an unsubstantiated rumor that has been thrown around the popular platforms for those types of things such as Instagram accounts and YouTube channels. The two saw each in Saudi Arabia and interacted which also went viral last week as they rarely are in the same place, at the same time, if ever. 

I don’t think I gave [Deontay Wilder] a good enough beating in that third fight,” said Tyson Fury during his sit-down interview with Fight Hub TV. “That was a beating for the ages. I gave him some rattling punches, but Wilder obviously didn’t take enough punishment. So, don’t rule out a fourth fight.