Tim Tszyu Doesn’t Take Kindly To Errol Spence Betting Against Him

It is Tim Tszyu fight week in Australia as the fight that will be broadcast on Showtime, on Saturday, March 11th for most viewers, outside of Australia will see the son of legend looking to make his stamp on the great sport of boxing. Not unlike the modern world, the gossip of social media has a moral fabric that has changed society and made high-school-like drama take center stage. 


Enter Errol Spence, one of the ten best fighters in the world, who for some reason interjected himself into this fight by letting the world know via his very popular Twitter account that he’d be willing to bet a hefty sum of money on Tony Harrison, who is fighting Tim Tszyu. This seemingly came out of nowhere.


“I’ll bet 10 on a Tony Harrison upset,” tweeted Errol Spence Jr., on January 22nd, of this year. 

Tim Tszyu did the typical fighter thing, in which, Tszyu took major offense to the statement and basically took it as Spence condemning his life and livelihood. It is understandable because the consequences of boxing could be everlasting. 

The positive from all of this besides two famous fighters having an exchange mid-fight week? Errol Spence could soon be a 154 lbs fighter, and these two could actually fight which would be rather lovely, especially if they don’t like one another. The manager of Tim Tszyu, Glenn Jennings, spoke to this during his interview as well.

“Errol is one of these guys that spends an enormous amount of time having fights on social media, rather than in the ring. Although now there’s talk he will come up to Tim’s weight class, and we certainly hope he does. I know that’s a fight Tim would like,” Glenn Jennings, the manager of Tim Tszyu when speaking with Fox Sports Australia. “..depending on the circumstances, Harrison, Charlo, Spence would be a nice running order. We’d love to get Spence as soon as he comes up [SIC].”

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