Teofimo: "Their best is about to lose a lot"

The two-division lineal champion and current WBO junior welterweight world champion, Teofimo Lopez, shocked the world when he defeated Josh Taylor, widely considered the best junior welterweight in the world. 

Lopez took to the social media app formally known as Twitter, now called X, to explain what he thinks the problem with modern boxing is.

"What’s lacking ‘most currently’ is the amount of ties everyone in the Boxing community have made amongst each other with pleas and etc," said Lopez when commenting on social media. "The only way it changes is if everyone agrees to separate which will help generate more for Boxing and for their Business and the fighters. [SIC]"

The tweet was prompted when a member of the media was vocal about a potential major boxing network exiting from boxing. The news is never good as it limits opportunities for fighters and those involved with the sport. It appears Lopez feels that for boxing to get back to a place people follow and care about the sport is that if the best fight the best. Lopez has done just that as he fought Vasiliy Lomachenko after winning his first world title against Richard Commey. Lopez suffered a shocking upset loss and after a few performances returned to defeat another legend of the sport, Josh Taylor. Say what you want about Teofimo Lopez, but he has constantly taken big challenges. 

"We’re all coming to an end if everyone doesn’t let go of the “O” theory & start fighting each other," furthered Lopez on social media. "These are the problems of the Trainers, Managers, Media, and Promoters."

Lopez seemingly is stating that in the modern era fighters will not be able to avoid each other if they want the big paydays and the attention. It seems the fighter is simply saying via his social media platform that it is time to put up or shut up for a lot of the younger fighters in this era. He didn't mince words when he stated simply that a lot of heavily promoted and hyped fighters might not keep their perfect record if they jump into these fights.

"Everyone thinks they’re the fighter or believe they know best," stated Lopez. "Well, their best is about to lose a lot."

Lopez does not have a fight date as of yet, but Top Rank Inc. does have a fight scheduled for New York City on December 9th, which is after the Heisman Trophy award presentation. Lopez has traditionally fought on this date in the past, but not even a slight rumor has indicated that he will come back on that evening as of now.