Ten breakout stars in 2024

Boxing is unpredictable, yet we will try to foreshadow some fighters you should keep keen on in 2024.

Today's prospect is tomorrow's journeyman. Yet, the truth be told — it is the fighters themselves who determine their destiny. 

Here are 10 stars ready to take the boxing world by storm in the next 12 months.

01. David Morrell 

Division: Super middleweight

Promoter: Premier Boxing Champions.

Record: 10-0, 9 KOs

Last Fight: W TKO2 Sena Agbeko, December 2023

Why: Morrell seems like a superstar in terms of his talent. The most entertaining Cuban boxer to turn pro since Joel Cassamayor. Morrell is getting better with each fight. At 6-foot-1, he has good height for the super middleweight division. Add to that, he has a high ring IQ and goes for the finish. 

If Morrell can fight three times in 2024, we are looking at a fighter ready to breakout. 

02. Raymond Muratalla

Division: Lightweight

Promoter: Top Rank Inc.

Record: 19-0, 16 KOs

Last Fight: W TKO8 Diego Torres Nunez, November 2023

Why: An extremely talented fighter at lightweight, Muratalla is one of the best fighters on the inside, and is clever at distance, too, often subtly shifting in movement to present a hard-to-find target. Muratalla is ripe to fight for a world title, and to be a formidable force in the division. 

Also, you know a fighter is special when Robert Garcia compares Muratalla to Jesse ‘Bam’ Rodriguez.

Muratalla will have big fights in the future.

03. Diego Pacheco

Division: Super middleweight

Promoter: Matchroom Boxing 

Record: 20-0, 17 KOs

Last Fight: W TKO9 Marcelo Coceres, November 2023

Why: Pacheco had a sentential 2023 as Matchroom elevated him from undercards to become a true main-event fighter.

He also is now well established with his new team training beside David Benavidez, and by Jose Benavidez Sr.

Pacheco looks to become Matchroom Boxing’s first organic, homegrown U.S.-based star since they entered the U.S. market. But, the only downside for the fighter is the top-heavy nature of the division he fights in, super middleweight. Benavidez, Morrell, and Caleb Plant all reside at the top of this division, none of which are easy outs. 

04: Xander Zayas 

Division: Junior middleweight

Promoter: Top Rank

Record: 18-0, 12 KOs

Last Fight: W KO5 Jorge Fortea, December 2023

Why: Zayas is one of the few young fighters who doesn’t make you embarrassed to be a fight fan. There's little if any emphasis on name-brand jewelry and just a smile that beams pride to fight for Puerto Rico, his country. Next year should be the year Zayas transitions to a main event fighter and possibly even thrust into world title contention.

05. Charles Conwell

Division: Junior middleweight

Promoter: DiBella Entertainment 

Record: 18-0, 13 KOs

Last Fight: W MD10 Juan Carlos Abreu, November 2022

Why: One of the most avoided fighters in boxing currently. The junior middleweight Conwell could be the best in his division, but inactivity has plagued his career. The standout of the 2016 U.S. Olympics now is highly rated by the WBC. Conwell just needs fights to let the world know how good he is. Given that the junior middleweight division is now changing, this very well could be the year Conwell emerges as one of the best in his division. Maybe boxing’s best-kept secret finally gets discovered in 2023. 

06. Abdullah Mason 

Division: Lightweight

Promoter: Top Rank Inc

Record: 11-0, 9 KOs

Last Fight: W KO2 Jose Cardenas, November 2023.

Why: The talent with Abdullah Mason is obvious. He has power, skills, and speed. All of which at the very young age of 19-years-old. Is this premature? Possibly. He will probably have some more developmental fights in 2023. Yet, he is already starting to become a must-see television and climbing up the cards quickly. Mason is one of the most exciting young fighters in the sport.

07. Keyshawn Davis 

Division: lightweight 

Promoter: Top Rank

Record: 9-0, 6 KOs

Last Fight: NC Nahir Albright (overturned from a majority decision after failing a drug test), October 2023.

Why: The 2021 Olympic silver medalist in the lightweight division, Davis is special. Yet, for Davis a lot will come in 2023. He is rumored to face Jose Pedraza in February. A fight that would’ve happened in December if he hadn’t failed a drug test for marijuana. Davis has an excellent sense of range mixed with a high fight IQ. Now comes the pressure of social media and being a big stage. Davis could easily be number one in terms of being a breakout star, yet it seems his next test will not be in the ring, but in handling the fame that comes with his talent.

08. Benjamin Whittaker

Division: Light heavyweight

Promoter: Boxxer 

Record: 5-0, 4 KOs

Last Fight: W TKO4 Stiven Leonetti Dredhaj, December 2023.

Why: The most compelling fighter from Team Great Britain in the 2021 Olympic Games. Whitaker is a flashy, confident fighter, who at six-foot, three-inches, is one of the tallest fighters in his division. Whittaker has all the makings of a superstar and fights in a top-heavy division that has only a few elite fighters. The 26-year-old should make the leap next year

09. Najee Lopez

Division: Light heavyweight 

Promoter: ProBox 

Record: 9-0, 8 KOs

Last Fight: W KO3 Yildo Depestre, December 2023

Why: Lopez is one of the best hidden gems in the sport. Already rated at number thirty-eight in the entire world of light heavyweights on BoxRec. Lopez started as a heavyweight and has gradually moved down to the light heavyweight division. He packs a big punch, and his a ton of ring intelligence. His run at the 2019 Last Chance Olympic Trials was one of the more impressive amateur boxing performances as he stopped three of his four opponents in that tournament. Lopez has carried that momentum to the pros. 

10. Amari Jones

Division: Middleweight

Promoter: Devin Haney Promotions 

Record: 11-0, 10 KOs

Last Fight: W TKO5 Quilisto ‘Kilo the Kid’ Madera, December 2023. 

Why: Jones is getting a lot of hype and attention as he is Devin Haney’s training partner. He trains beside him day in, and day-out. Jones has fought in two eight round fights and is nearing a ten-round fight. Given that the middleweight division is looking for a new face of the division. Jones could emerge as a major player given his relationship with Haney, leveraging a huge fight in 2024.