Stevenson-Haney have war of words on social media

The feud between lightweight Shakur Stevenson and undisputed lightweight champion Devin Haney has intensified due to a series of intense messages on social media.

So where did it begin?

This post that quote-tweets another Twitter user appears to show Bill Haney, the father of Devin Haney, saying that Shakur Stevenson is on another level. That seemed to imply that Devin Haney is leaving the lightweight division to evade a showdown with Stevenson and keep his perfect unbeaten record. From this point, things escalated as the tension got thick as Haney engaged in what was described as "mega-trash talk".

Devin Haney, who holds the undisputed lightweight championship, is alleged to be moving up to the junior welterweight division to challenge Regis Prograis for Prograis' WBC title. Prograis is also probably the best junior welterweight currently, and it is very respectable and nothing to scoff at. Though the cynical observer will look at Prograis' bout against Danielito Zorrilla, and wonder if Haney saw a decline in the great fighter, and is trying to jump on him at the 'perfect time'.

To this point, Devin Haney has been one of the most well-managed boxers in the history of the sport. He has been guided by strategic decisions to avoid a match with Stevenson due to land him huge financial gains and a great legacy on top of that. The back-and-forth exchange between Stevenson and Haney prompted Bill Haney to call into ThaBoxingVoice podcast and give his take on the situation. 

"Yeah, man [this conversation is over four years old]," said Bill Haney to ThaBoxingVoice. "The people want to see the fight, right? You being the guy that you are, [it has never been] where we can't make the fight happen. We didn't say 140 or we wouldn't fight Shakur. Is Shakur saying that he wouldn't fight [Devin] at 140?"

The situation is complex, with potential repercussions for both fighters, but mostly it appears that both Stevenson and Haney are tired of the talk and have taken to social media to voice their frustrations. Stevenson feels avoided, and Haney feels disrespected as they are the target of their rival's discontent. 

Now it appears the future of this fight comes down to how Haney performs against Regis Progrias in the fall.

Shakur Stevenson is portrayed as someone who is determined to secure significant fights and championships, yet is struggling to land a big fight. It was announced this weekend that the WBC has ordered a WBC lightweight fight for Stevenson against Frank Martin, but we will see if the politics of boxing allow for that to happen. Meanwhile, in the lightweight division, it seems like everyone wants to land a big-money fight with Gervonta Davis, with Davis being the most silent of all of the modern emerging stars.

As of now, Shakur Stevenson and Devin Haney have both made bold claims over social media, probably fielded by passion and emotion. Now we have two talented fighters, who building-up a mega-fight online, but hopefully, this war of words doesn't crossover into reality as the last thing we need is nonsense outside of the ring that derails either fighter from a great career.