Shakur Stevenson wants a more realistic offer for Devin Haney fight

It seems that Shakur Stevenson is eager to face the undisputed lightweight champion, Devin Haney, but negotiations are not matching that excitement. Stevenson was not a fan of a recent offer from Devin Haney that would have given him only 25% of the total purse, as Stevenson took to social media to ask Haney for 'a more realistic offer'.

Stevenson, who previously held the WBO featherweight and was unified world champion at the super featherweight, moved up to the lightweight division and won his first fight at lightweight against Shuichiro Yoshino in April. This victory has put him in a strong position to challenge Haney, as Stevenson is now the number-one contender for Haney's WBC lightweight world title. Another thing of note about the victory - many people, if not most didn't know a thing about Yoshino, which muted the vintage Stevenson performance.

Devin Haney solidified his status on paper as the world's best lightweight with a unanimous decision win over Vasiliy Lomachenko in May, on pay-per-view, as Lomachenko has been a critic's choice in terms of accolades and achievement in the division. While Haney currently holds all four world titles in the division, many still consider Stevenson to be the best fighter in the weight class despite the fact Stevenson doesn't hold a world title. This is seen by Stevenson's unwillingness to accept an offer for less than what he sees as market value. 

“Nah I’m not gone take 25% but u knew that already Lil bruh be realistic," tweeted Stevenson.

Stevenson's frustration is evident as he took to social media to express that he wants a fight soon - and believes it is difficult for him to get fights against marquee opponents. While Haney remains the primary target of Shakur Stevenson, it seems every big-name opponent is someone who Stevenson wants to face. 

"Yo any fighter that want wreck wit me I’m free don’t got no opponent, no date or nun.. So for all the fighters screaming my name reach out it’s free smoke for all of u [SIC]," tweeted Stevenson.

Who Stevenson will fight next - who knows? What we do know is Steveson's high ranking in the WBC and impressive record, sets him up to make a move for a title shot. If Haney were to vacate his titles or move up to the 140lbs division, Stevenson would also be all but be assured a shot at a vacant title. That said, Haney has not given any official comment and could stay at lightweight for one more fight - which could be against Stevenson.