Sena Agbeko Voices Frustration With Removal From Davis vs Garcia Co-Main Event

Sena Agbeko is quite unhappy about his removal from a fight with David Morrell, one week out from the biggest fight card of all of April on Gervonta Davis versus Ryan Garcia’s pay-per-view undercard. 

Agbeko recently took to popular YouTuber, LDubb Boxing, to voice his frustration with being removed after not being licensed by the Nevada State Athletic Commission. The issue was something in an MRI in which the commission needed a second opinion, Agbeko got a second opinion which cleared him but asked him to return in a year’s time. 

“They were trying to state some medical reasons, and I [sought out] clarification, a second opinion from the second doctor that they the commission provided and I've been cleared on all levels to proceed with the fight,” furthered a distraught Agbeko.  “As of now, there's absolutely nothing standing in the way and without reason, I'm hearing all these reports that now Yamaguchi [Falcao] is the new opponent. It's very annoying because I'm like collateral damage in their in their political game, and the sad part about this is that they can make me come across the making me look like I'm damaged goods. When I am not! I'm just getting started.”

With less than a week to go until fight night, Agbeko is not just mad about the result that the NSAC came to, but also the perception that he is a damaged fighter, who forever might get limited opportunities based on this stigma attached to him.

As far as Agbeko sees it, he believes it is nothing more than politics at play. That is something, you the viewer can be the judge of, but I personally refuse to comment on it.

“I'm just a pawn in the political game and it appears that some sources may have known about this weeks ago, it's just [expletived] up,” said Agbeko. “I know they didn't want to fight me to begin with because they were going to great lengths to avoid me and get [another fighter not named]…I believe that the reason why this has happened now is because they found an opponent that they think is easier, they believe is easier.”