Sena Agbeko says he is cleared to fight

 Two weeks after a potentially life-changing opportunity, Sena Agbeko is furious.

Agbeko was set to be the co-feature of the pay-per-view fight on April 22nd that saw Gervonta Davis stop Ryan Garcia in the seventh round in front of 1.2 million people who bought the fight at home in the United States alone. Now feels he lost out on the chance of a lifetime to face emerging contender David Morrell. Yet, fate and the Nevada State Athletic Commission thought otherwise as Agbeko was not cleared to fight Morrell which led to Morrell facing Yamaguchi Falcao, who Morrell stopped in one round. 

Agbeko took to his Facebook last week to explain that he had been cleared to fight again. ProBox TV News reached out to Sena Agbeko, who was coming off the biggest win of his career when he defeated Isaiah Steen on ShoBox: The Next Generation, in his previous bout. A frustrated Agbeko held no punches as he sounded off. 

Some of the accusations Agbeko makes need to be explained as simply his own. Agbeko feels wronged and is upset with the Nevada State Athletic Commission over his inability to get cleared for the biggest fight of his career. One thing that we have left out is Morrell left his previous opponent Aidos Yerbossynuly in a coma after their fight, and Yamaguchi Falcao was knocked out in less than one round, laying motionless for some time after the result. So, rightfully so Morrell’s opponents might be facing stiffer tests when it comes to passing medicals. 

“I wasn't officially notified ever,” said Agbeko who claims he has never once been contacted by NSAC. “I haven't been officially notified by the [NSAC]. I was never obviously notified by the commission and I found out about me possibly being pulled out [of the fight with David Morrell] and [a] replacement opponent on a podcast and I have a recording of [involving] Morrell’s coach Ronnie Shields and I was watching this and here is Ronnie Shields talking about my medical information talking about I failed a neurological test. When I wasn't even [aware]. I didn't even know that. So how in the world did that information even get to the opposing camp to where the coach had it, that it was false information, to begin with, but unfortunately it was in their arms…that is unbelievable.”

Agbeko though reflected that he is not entirely cleared to fight as despite being cleared to fight, he has to go through a formal meeting in May with the NSAC, one which he is unsure of what it is about. 

“I will also say that the license is also pending, although it's been granted,” explained Agbeko. "It's still pending a committee meeting on [May] 17th in Vegas, and I don't know why because, on my online portal, everything's cleared. I've met all the health [and] medical requirements, so I don't know what that meeting is supposed to be for in Las Vegas on the 17th. So it's still pending that for the final approval, but as of now I think given a green light of sorts.”

This reporter reached out to the Nevada State Athletic Commission, who informed us that they have no comment on this matter at this time.