On this day...Sanchez defeats Nelson in his last pro fight


 On this day July 21, 1982, a highly entertaining fight between Azumah Nelson and Salvador Sanchez took place that saw Sanchez come away as the victor. Considered one of the most action-packed fights of the era, both fighters landed significant shots at each other. Nelson was a late replacement for the originally scheduled opponent and was an unknown fighter with the expectation of serving as a 'tune-up fight' type opponent. That was not the case as the fight turned out to be one of the best fights in the history of boxing. 

The bout which occurred in the featherweight division, saw a historic seventh round as Sanchez had been getting hit very clean by Nelson, Sanchez landed a big shot that dropped Nelson with a left hook. Amazingly Nelson got up and fought undeterred as though he had never been dropped in the fight. 

The bout progressed into a 'phone booth fight' as the two began to exchange at close quarters with both taking damage. Heading into the fifteenth round, the bout was up-in-the-air, with both fighters appearing to be exhausted. The fight seemingly was decided by Sanchez who landed a left hook that staggered Nelson and dropped him. A relentless Sanchez pursued Nelson until the referee stopped the fight at 1:47 of the fifteenth and final round with Sanchez winning the fight. 

The fight was Sanchez's last fight of his career as he would pass away after this fight from an automobile accident. Though Nelson would lose this fight, he would have a very successful career and end up going into the hall of fame. 

After the fight, both Sanchez's and Nelson's camps praised the other side. Sanchez spoke to Nelson's strength and heart, as he furthered that Nelson came to win. Nelson's manager, John Kermah, that if Nelson had more experience he would have won the fight.