Sampson: Canelo needs to do right by the people of boxing, fight Benavidez

The promoter of David Benavidez, Sampson Lewkowicz has been very reserved so far in terms of outlining his plans for the future of his esteemed fighter. As outlined in previous articles, exclusively with ProBoxTV, Lewkowicz was waiting on Canelo Álvarez’s May 6th fight with John Ryder, before any decisions are made. Now after Alvarez was able to defeat Ryder via a twelve-round decision, it appears the next few weeks will be very interesting in seeing what is next for Canelo Alvarez.

Benavidez, who nearly two months ago, defeated Caleb Plant via a twelve-round unanimous decision became the mandatory for Canelo Álvarez’s WBC super middleweight title. Alvarez holds all four widely considered world titles in the super middleweight division which are the WBA, WBC, WBO, and IBF. Lewkowicz wants to wait and see what the WBC and their president Mauricio Sulaiman decide upon next for Canelo’s next defense. Once that decision is made, it appears team Benavidez will then plan their next course of action.

So as of now, things are up in the air, as Benavidez’s future in 2023 is just as much decided by Canelo Álvarez, as they are with his handlers and the fighter himself. So in short, until Canelo decides what he is doing the super middleweight division is in limbo. As after Benavidez won his last fight on pay-per-view, he respectfully called out Canelo Alvarez as his next opponent.

“I have a lot of respect for Canelo Álvarez, but he has to give me that shot now, said David Benavidez after his win over Caleb Plant. “That’s what everybody wants to see in September.”

As of now, Sampson makes it clear that the decision is strictly in the hands of Canelo, who holds the keys to the castle. With both fighters, Canelo and Benavidez tentatively hoping to return in September, we will wait the next few weeks to see how the future plays out. Benavidez is also been rumored to fight David Morrell in the fall if he can’t land a fight with Canelo.

“It is up to Canelo [to face David Benavidez],” further stated Sampson. "I can not force him, as well as Mauricio can not make Canelo fight.”