On this day...Sanchez passed away

On this day, tragedy struck the boxing world as the great Salvador Sanchez passed away. The tragedy occurred a mere three weeks after a modern classic in which he outlasted future legend, Azumah Nelson.

On the morning of August 12, 1982, Sanchez was driving a Porsche 928 sports car along the federal highway from Querétaro to San Luis Potosí as Sanchez occurred a fatal crash, succumbing instantaneously to the unfortunate event. The damage in the wake was huge.

Salvador Sanchez had defeated Wilfredo Gomez, Danny Lopez, and Azumah Nelson, all before they were seen as legends. Sanchez to some is regarded as the greatest Mexican fighter, ever, and the greatest what-if story in boxing despite accomplishing so much, as he died at the age of 23 years old. It is hard to imagine what was possible, as he accomplished a lot in his young life, but never got afforded the chance to mature into adulthood. 

Potential fights that awaited him if his life was not tragically cut short were against Colombian pugilist Mario Miranda, a rematch with Wilfredo Gómez, or even a bout against Alexis Argüello, who also passed away too soon as well. 

When speaking of Sanchez, many believe he is the greatest Mexican boxer ever, but also feel an enormous pain, or feeling of sadness, as despite how great he was, the age at which he died means we probably never saw the best version of him. Something that stings at the heartstrings of the noblest fight fan.

Salvador Sanchez is the greatest 'what could have been' story in boxing...