Ryan Garcia to Gervonta Davis: "Let’s run it back"

What a week it has been for Ryan Garcia. Despite never holding a world title, Garcia has as much worldly influence as any professional boxer, and once again made headlines as his upcoming December 2nd fight, against tough Oscar “La Migraña” Duarte (26-1-1, 21 KOs) which will occur at the Toyota Center in Houston, Texas, broadcast on DAZN, is looming in the wings of the schedule. 

Garcia, who took to X to talk about fighters uniting around the sport, once again made another headline as his press conference to announce his upcoming fight is next week. 

The conflict started when a popular social media account posted footage of Gervonta Davis beating up a bigger sparring partner. This prompted a social media user to state that Ryan Garcia is better than Davis.

Davis promptly responded with a quote tweet saying the following.

"@RyanGarcia do you agree," questioned Davis.

In typical social media fashion, the response was very quick, unlike a Garcia left hook that elevated him to this point in his career. 

"Let’s run it back," stated Garcia. 

For those unaware, the two did a record-setting pay-per-view earlier this year that saw Davis stop Garcia with a body shot. After the fight, Garcia left his trainer, Joe Goossen, and relocated to Texas to work with Derrick James. This fight against Duarte is Garcia's first fight since the loss. Even in a losing effort, and minus the accolades the amount of media Ryan Garcia brings to a fight makes him a big fight for many world champions, as he merits interest, something a lot of world-class fighters don't do. 

Will this lead to another rematch? Probably not, but these are too of the biggest names in the sport talking about something topical, which will always deserve interest, and drum up attention for the sport.