Ryan Garcia: Davis has plateaued with his thinking

Ryan Garcia fights Gervonta Davis, next Saturday, April 22nd, at the T-Mobile Arena, in Las Vegas, Nevada, on Showtime pay-per-view. On Tuesday afternoon in Beverly Hills, California, Garcia held a media workout prior to the fight to promote his upcoming mega-fight which could be a major milestone in the sport of boxing, especially for the young generation. 

Though the media workout was short by media workout standards, the gold standard being the incredibly intense Andre Ward media workout prior to Sergey Kovalev that lasted nearly four-and-a-half hours. Clocking in at ninety minutes at most, the undefeated boxer, who will compete at a catchweight of 136-lbs, was to the point as he used his time wisely sticking to his points like a veteran politician.

I've done everything I could do getting ready for this fight and I am ready to make it a special moment,” said Ryan Garcia when speaking with Marcos Villegas of FightHubTV.

Garcia spent much of his interview for the media workout taking an altruistic approach to life. Talking about inspiring others, and being a beacon of hope. For Garcia, Gervonta Davis is a spiritual opposite not just a ring rival, as he used his words like well-timed counterpunches thrown in the ring.

Garcia furthered that his spiritual grounding as well as his philosophical beliefs to lead by example and hold himself accountable amongst other positive traits we teach in school is the difference for him in the fight. Garcia spoke succinctly and reflected deeply upon each and every question as it appears - this is the moment he has been waiting on for his whole life. 

“…if you hold yourself as a champion, and a righteous person…person deserves that you search and you tell them the truth,” said Garcia to FightHub TV. “He has plateaued with his thinking…[when asked to elaborate further] because life, this is what it is abut is give people hope [and to do things outside of yourself]

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