Ryan Garcia hints at Rolando Romero fight via Instagram

According to Michael Benson, the boxing news aggregator, Ryan Garcia posted an alleged poster hinting at a fight between himself and sparring partner rival, Rolando Romero, who holds the WBA junior welterweight world title. 

When looking for confirmation of this post on Garcia's Instagram feed it appears that Garcia has now deleted this image. Garcia though seems to be in the middle east though nothing has been explained whether it is a work trip or a vacation. 

Romero has a fight ordered with the number-one contender for his title, Ohara Davies, who has been mandated as his next opponent. 

This comes on the heels of a public spat with Garcia and his promoter, Oscar De La Hoya of Golden Boy Promotions which took center stage on the internet

Will this fight happen next? Who knows, but it appears Garcia is angling for it. 

Even more interesting was the fact that Rolando Romero's celebrity largely stems from two great sparring sessions that went viral. It is a long time coming for the two to face each other. Now if they do face each other what will happen in terms of the sanctioning bodies, and/or does that matter as this is a major attraction bout, given both fighters are compelling figures in-and-out of the ring?