Ryan Garcia's Dad: There is nobody that tank has fought better than Luke Campbell

Henry Garcia, the father of boxing superstar Ryan Garcia, trained Ryan as an amateur up until a point in his professional career before handing over the reigns to Eddy Reynoso, and now Joe Goossen.

In an exclusive interview with Marcos Vilegas of FightHub TV, Henry Garcia outlined why Ryan Garcia is so confident heading into this fight, ahead of his son, Ryan Garcia pay-per-view fight on April 22nd, against Gervonta "Tank" Davis.

“The advantages for us, you know is Ryan's got the height - Yeah, [Ryan has an advantage with] speed and Ryan has power,” laid out Ryan Garcia’s father, Henry Garcia to Fight Hub TV. Ryan has God his heart. When you have all those four elements, it makes you a fighter that has a lot of advantages, and he knows how to use them…I'm not saying tank doesn't either tank does too!”

The one x-factor many might be looking past is the fact that Ryan Garcia is a naturally bigger man than Gervonta Davis. Henry Garcia was quick not just point this out, but also point out that, in his opinion, Davis has carefully picked who to fight when moving up in weight. As Garcia’s father believes Gervonta Davis nicknamed ‘Tank’ hasn’t fought anyone as good as Luke Campbell.

As for the most popular topic leading into the bout - the weight and rehydration for this fight. Henry Garcia down plays any issue and explains that Ryan will have no issues due to weight. 

“I tell you what, there's so many things that we agreed on, but had we not agreed on there would have been some more delays,” said Henry Garcia on the making of this fight. “Ryan [was] like, ‘Hey, I just want to fight…it's not too far off. Ryan doesn't even rehydrate. 10 pounds over anyway. So that was nothing for him. [Ryan Garcia is] right where we want to be because he knows the game. He knows what he has to do, and when you rehydrate you know you don't want to rehydrate too much either, you know, because now, what about your speed… you gotta be careful you got to be well balanced you know, I'm that's where Ryan understands how to be well balanced, and we don't have when we had a problem with that.